Hi friends!!

I’ve been having such an amazing time with my family these past few days that I haven’t found the time to blog. If you know me, you know I like to fill my days and keep myself busy…because if I’m stuck at home I will go crazy! Especially now, being on Maternity Leave for the first time ever.. 😀 I unfortunately  didn’t have the luxury of staying at home with Jayden when he was born (Boooo :P).

I wanted to write about my pregnancy and labour with Jayden so that I can look back and reminisce about that time in my life. Don’t worry I will also be blogging about my pregnancy and labour with Abel right after this 🙂

Surprisingly my pregnancy with Jayden was AMAZING. I did not have any morning sickness, I didn’t gain much weight.. probably around 10-15 lbs (Shocking right?!) I did not have any cramps, aches, or pains. My pregnancy was a breeze. Sigh. How I miss that.

I was able to go to school, go to work, attend my prenatal classes and enjoy my summer waiting for Jayden’s arrival. I personally think that this was God way of giving me a little bit of a break.. especially since he knew how hard it would be for me to keep going. Thank you Lord 🙂

Jayden’s due date was actually supposed to be September 15, 2007, but he was in a hurry to meet his mama, so he was born when I was 38 weeks pregnant on September 2, 2007. I have to search my brain for details of my labour..because it was almost 8 years ago. I vaguely remember the day and weeks before his arrival. I worked until I was 37 weeks pregnant and then bam a week later he was born.

The day before he was born I remember that I was shopping and watched a movie (LOL). I had NO idea that I would be going into labour that night.   I remember that I couldn’t sleep, at all. I was tossing and turning for a good two hours trying to get comfortable.. I eventually dozed off and woke up around 12ish in the morning. My pants were soaked.. I was like WTH is this. So I crept into my sisters room and told her to smell my pants(HAHAHA) and being the good sister she is, she did. Her exact words were “that’s not pee, I think your water broke”.  I immediatly woke up my mom and told her and she said “You don’t have to go to the hospital, just wait a bit.” I’m was like “Wait? Im in labour, you crazy women!”.  Well, I had to wait because she was my ride to the hospital..the contractions started to get closer together (my sister was timing them for me) around 7 minutes apart.

Finally, around 1:30am, my whole family got into the car and went to Royal Columban Hospital to check into the Maternity ward. Needless to say, I was terrifed for what was to come. I hadn’t even packed my hospital bag, the crib wasn’t built, I was definitely not prepared. I was admitted into the hospital and the nurse hooked me up to all the machines and checked my cervix. I was already 3cm dilated!!! They guessed I was in pre-labour the day before but because I was so active during my pregnancy I didn’t notice.

Can you imagine being 16 years old and having to pop out a baby before the due date? uhh, me either. So because of my age and being 38 weeks pregnant they paid a little more attention to me and put me into a labour room right away.

The contractions were getting closer and closer and they were getting so painful ( I am sorry to all the pregnant mama’s out there, I don’t mean to scare you). I just dealt with it and kept telling myself it will be over soon, you can do this, your baby is coming. It will all be worth it. It was VERY difficult for me to refrain from getting the epidural. The nurses kept trying to push it on me, I was determined that I was not going to get it. Yhanmfully I didn’t. I did however, use the laughing gas so I could rest in between contractions, and that was all I used.

I briefly looked out the window and saw that the sun was rising and I had hit 10cm around 6:55am. It was now time to push. I pushed and pushed for nearly 30 minutes. I pushed so hard that the blood vessals in my face popped and my face was full of small red dots for about two weeks. Jayden was born at 7:28am on September 2, 2007 and weighed 6lbs 8oz.

I felt a huge wave of relief as soon as I  heard his little cry. The pain that I felt for 6 and a half hours vanished immediately. How amazing is that?!

I personally was pretty impressed with myself. My recovery was quick. However, Jayden weight dropped to 5lbs 12oz. Which is quite a lot. So I had to stay in the hospital for about 4 days. He was really weak but he wasn’t small enough or premature enough to be in the NICU. Which I was so thankful for.

The first time I laid my eyes on Jayden I fell in love instantly. There is no love quite like the one a mother has for her children.

Lots of love,
Heydy xoxo

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