Have you ever wondered what it is like travelling with a baby? How about a breastfed baby? If you don’t plan ahead then the overall experience will make you run the other way!

I recently just did a 24 hour road trip to Calgary Alberta (there and back). Thankfully, I was able to prepare and plan ahead! Of course, you can’t anticipate everything, but the more you plan the better the trip will be for you, your baby, and the people occupying the car with you.

When it comes to a breastfeeding feeding baby on a road trip, I am sure that the first thought that a mom thinks is “How will my baby feed during the trip?”. Well you have two choices (ok MAYBE three) If you are desperate!

First choice, IF you want to make your trip go smoothly and have less stops, use a bottle. I know, I know, all the EB (exclusiving breastfeeding) mamas out there cringe at the thought of  a bottle (trust me, I did too!), especially when your baby won’t take it. BUT ,I also wanted to get to my destination as quickly as possible. SO, 3 months before my trip, I pumped and saved. As most breast feeding mamas know that if you freeze your milk that it can last up to 6 months after – depending on your refrigerator.

Doing this helped me from power pumping the week before the trip. Which is no fun. Then came the next question, “How will I keep the milk cold?”.

Well I just went to the drugstore and bought the smallest cooler I could find, big enough to fit my milk plus ice but small enough to fit in the front/back seat with me.

Now your wondering, how I warmed the bottle, I used the Tommee Tippee bottle warmer. I boiled hot water right before I left, and the water finished right when we got to Calgary. This worked perfectly because the way you use the Tomme Tippee warmer is to pour the hot water from the container into the “top/lid” and then you stick the bottle in the water. I think I explained it correctly. In any case, it does it job!

LAST but certainly not least, bring a manual breast pump, I use the Medela Manual Breastpump. I LOVE IT! It fits right into my diaper bag and works great! The reason I say to bring the pump is because you aren’t breastfeeding so you need to keep your milk supply up, and plus if you don’t pump then it hurts! Yes I pumped, in the car. I wore supper baggy clothes for the ride so I just put the pump under my shirt and did my thing. Once I was finished pumping I put it in the cooler OR if you want just use that milk. I wouldn’t recommend that though because once your breastmilk thaws out, it is only good for 24hrs AFTER it thaws. You won’t want all that time you took pumping in advance and milk to go

Go waste. Make sure the first thing you do when you get to your destination is do find a refriderator and put your Milk inside !

Oh and I forgot, make sure you bring enough breast milk savers. I also use the Medela “Pump & Save” bags. The more the better!


OK, so second choice, stop everytime your baby needs to feed. Hmm, I would suggest to bring a nursing scarf if you don’t want strangers looking at your boobs. I use @KISTMETLOVECOLLECTION scarfs(SO GOOD). If you don’t care then that works too!

THIRD choice (USE WITH CAUTION), sit in the back middle seat, lean forward, feed your baby. As my friend would say “do the Kourtney Kardashian” LOL! I would steer away from this, only because I worked for a personal injury firm, and even imaginig getting into an accident with my boob in my babies mouth horrifies me! BUT do whatever you think works best for you!

I’ll admit I did the third option when we were driving back to Calgary from Edmonton. Abel cried for three hours straight! He just wanted to soothe himself to sleep SO yes I did it for 5 minutes. BUT I was so scared.

I would also recommend to bring an extra set of hands with you. I don’t mean you and your partner. I literally mean bring your mom..haha. I brought my mom, and she was a TREMONDOUS help during the trip. MOMS are great aren’t they?

Of course we stopped a couple times to eat and allowed Abel and ourselves to stretch out (THIS IS A MUST) but the whole travelling with a baby can cause so much anxiety. Just make sure you prepare! If you have any questions then just comment or ask me on my Instagram page (@Raisingjayandabel).

Happy Travels!

xoxo, Heydy

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