Hello Kismetlove readers !

My name is Heydy. I am Jayden and Abel’s mommy. I blog over at www. raisingjayandabel.blogspot.com. I am so thrilled and honoured to be sharing my breastfeeding journey with you!

Our breastfeeding journey has been…well.. quite a rollercoaster [and I’m still on it]. I knew that breastfeeding wasn’t going to be a breeze for the first couple weeks [at least for me]. I had to learn a new, world changing, skill in just a few short days. But, I didn’t want to let my anxiety and exhaustion stop me from reaching my breastfeeding milestones.

While I was pregnant I had set some personal breastfeeding goals for myself. Since I never got to breastfeed Jayden, reaching these goals were [and are] very important to me.


Our little feeding captures

The first was reaching 3 months of exclusive breastfeeding. Now I will admit, it was tough for me. At first, all I wanted to do was give up. I was exhausted, I was emotional, I was frustrated. I would think to myself “why isn’t Abel latching”, “what am I doing wrong” and “will it ever get better?”  I obviously didn’t have the answers, so I reached out and asked for help.  I read tons of articles and watched tons of videos! I slowly started applying what I was learning to our breastfeeding attempts.

Slowly, but  surely, I started to enjoy breastfeeding. I found that the best feeding position for us was when laid down together. Abel could latch easier and we both could rest.

Breastfeeding was second nature while we waved goodbye to the 3 month mark and said hello to our 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding!

I was so ecstatic that I reached my second goal ! Still had some trouble with sore nipples but nothing that I couldn’t handle. Sleepless nights were starting to become just a mere memory, then it hit us hard. Just when I thought that we were settling into a routine, Abel began to cluster feed.


Abel at 6 months

This happened around the 7 month mark and this is were we are currently.

I wake up 3-4 times a night to feed Abel. Just as much as I did when Abel was a newborn. To top it all off, he is also cutting his two bottom teeth while dealing with his separation anxiety stage.

Needless to say, this mama is tired.

I continue to take our breastfeeding journey day by day. Sometimes I just want to cave in and give him formula, because I am so exhausted. Then I remember, I might not get this moment with him again and then I pause..and take a breath.

I know some mama’s have no issues when it comes to their breastfeeding journey with their Little’s. I am, unfortunately, not one of them.

We will be celebrating our 8 month breastfeeding anniversary in a couple days and all I can think about is how far we both come. I know we will get through our little hump. We just have to keep pushing through.



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