Trying to arrange a 2016 full of amazing day trips? A trip to the beach is sure to be on that list. So how can you keep them safe while you’re there? Read on for a handful of possible scenarios and how to avoid them.

Keep them safe from… getting lost

Beaches can be long and vast places. They can get really busy, and sometimes everybody’s towels and belongings look just the same. Arrange a meeting point for in case your kids get lost immediately upon arrival. The lifeguard hut is usually a good place for this, and may be the beaches official lost child point. Alternatives might be an ice cream van, as long as it doesn’t move through the day, or a specific and easy to find cafe. Keep a photograph of your kid on your phone or in your belongings to help you find them faster if they do go walk-about. Also, give them guidelines of who they should speak too to ask for help; a shop assistant or a lifeguard, for example.


Keep them safe from… the sun

The sun can be bright on the beach, and even harsher thanks to the reflection of the pale and sea. Sun lotion should be liberally applied, and topped up often. This isn’t just after they’ve been in the water or after a few hours. Towels and material can rub it off as well. However, don’t think the skin is the only thing the sun can do damage too. Sunstroke can be severe and painful. Protect young heads with a hat. Consider eye damage too, and be sure they have a comfortable pair of sunglasses they will keep on.


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Keep them safe from… food poisoning

You can never protect from this 100% when eating out, but there are ways to decrease the chances of food poisoning. Don’t buy food from anywhere that looks unkempt or dirty. Look around for food hygiene certificates or ratings. If they aren’t displaying any, it could be that their ratings are low, or they’ve not been assessed.

Keep them safe from… dehydration

A great way to ensure kids are kept hydrated on the beach is by using a water bottle with measurements on the side. Figure out how much they need to be drinking each hour and be sure they stick to it. Ice lollies and fruit juice can’t replace the value of plain water, but it can offer a good supplement. It will increase their liquid intake even more, reducing their chances of becoming dehydrated.

Keep them safe from… open water

Fun days out for kids on the beach usually involve a paddle in the sea! A big benefit to beaches is that many of them have lifeguards. This means that in the water there is a second pair of eyes watching your little ones. For young kids still gaining their confidence, equip them with well-fitting armbands. Finally, always keep inside the flags or parameters that the lifeguards have set. They know the local waters and weather better than anyone. They may also know about think you can’t see, like rocks under the water.

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