Keeping your toddler safe will be your number one priority – after all, they can and will get into everything within their reach. If you take your eyes off them for a second, you can end up with problems. This guide aims to help you keep your toddler safe in a way you can really manage.

Child Proof the House

Child proofing the house is a must once your child starts getting into everything. The sooner you choose to do it, the better. Even babies can get a hold of things that you never thought possible, so you shouldn’t underestimate them. Child proofing the house will involve many things. Basic things like locking the windows and maybe even putting bars or a protective screen on them. Locking the taps and setting the water to a temperature that won’t scald them. Covering up corners and installing stair gates. There are a ton of things you can do, so make sure you’re as careful as you can be!

Researching Equipment and Accessories

You need a number of things to take care of your toddler, from travel systems to baby monitors. Make sure you research all equipment and accessories before you purchase so you know they are trustworthy.

Teach Them While They’re Young

Make sure you teach your kids while they’re young what they should and shouldn’t be touching. Things like scissors, knives, and other sharp objects should all be explained to your child as soon as they can understand. When it comes to doing craft projects and things like that, always supervise them properly to make sure they’re not putting themselves in danger with their tools.



Keeping Things Out of Reach

Keep things out of reach of them. Move dangerous liquids and chemicals out of bottom cupboards and into top cupboards, but make sure you still keep those cupboards locked! Bear in mind that toddlers can actually be very smart, and if you leave a stool or chair nearby they won’t think twice of climbing on there to have a look in the cupboards.

Don’t Leave Them Alone in Certain Rooms

The bathroom and the kitchen are probably the most dangerous rooms in the house. Never leave them alone! They could grab something sharp or dangerous and all hell could break loose. Be vigilant and don’t leave them alone for a second. You should even think twice about taking your eye off them in other rooms. Kids can be like little magicians at times.

Be Careful in the Homes of Others

When you go to the homes of others, you’re in unfamiliar territory. Make sure you keep an eye on your toddler at all times there too. It isn’t up to the homeowner to do it. If anything goes wrong, it’ll be on your head!

Always remain vigilant with your toddler and don’t take your eye off the ball. You shouldn’t feel anxious or worried all the time as long as you know you’re doing your best to protect them. Leave your own tips and thoughts below!

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