Keeping organised was tricky when it was just you. Now you’ve got kids; it’s even harder. Despite these additions, there are ways to stay organised. You’ll find a handful of ideas and suggestions below.

Create a family timetable

Making a timetable with a column for every family member has lots of benefits. You don’t need to buy one; make your own on the computer and laminate it. This means you can write on it with a non-permanent marker pen and wipe off again the next week. Or, use a whiteboard.

It allows you to see who is busy and free at the same time. This will allow you to coordinate things like lifts, or who is going to cook dinner that evening. Allocate everyone a different colour of pen to write in. Or, allocate a different colour for different types of tasks. You could do red for appointments, green for social events and black for things that happen every week, for example.


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Use a calendar

Similar to the point above, but more long term. A 2016 calendar allows you to look ahead to the coming months. Doing so will allow you to make more informed decisions about when you do or don’t do things. As with your timetable, use different coloured pens for clarity. Opt for calendars with big spaces to write in if you predict you’ll have lots to do each day!

Set up a reward scheme

This isn’t about bribery; it’s about rewards. After all, we all love to be rewarded if we do something great or work really hard. Rewards don’t have to be big. They don’t even have to cost anything. If your kid does five lots of washing up loads in a week, give them the weekend off from any chores. If your kid helps out with the cooking a few times that week, let them pick what you have for dinner on Friday night. Within reason, of course! If you already give your kids pocket money, use this as leverage. Give them their allowance at the end of the week on the proviso that they’ve been good and helped out in keeping things organised. Or, play the long game. If you’re planning a trip to Disneyland later that year, have them reach a certain number of tasks before you’ll book. That way they’ve got something to motivate them, and something tangible to look forward to. Reward yourself too; you deserve it!

Buy non-iron clothing

A super simple point, but a really effective one. Where possible, buy non-iron clothing. This might be items in your kids uniforms or work shirts for you and your partner. The more things you can have as non-iron, the more time you’ll save on.

Prepare for the next day the night before

Put together the non-perishable ingredients of their packed lunches. Lay out their uniforms and find their shoes. Double check alarms and run over any errands or events happening the next day. Preparing for the following day the evening before will give you a far more restful night sleep, and a less stressful morning when you wake up.

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