If you thought pearls were only worn by your Grandma, think again. With fashion designers using them to bring a sophisticated edge to their designs, they are more popular than ever. Once only worn by royalty, pearls come in an array of shapes, colours and sizes. Their versatility is one reason why the fashion industry continues to use them and they can work with almost any style. You can wear them with your favourite denim jacket to a summer maxi dress and they will always look chic. The key is knowing how to effectively style them. Here are some unique ways to style your pearls and up your fashion game.


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Layer and knot

If you’re going to buy any item of pearl jewellery, it has to be a necklace. Pearl necklaces bring a timeless look to your outfit while also making you look more fashion forward. While they look good on their own, pearl necklaces create more impact when they are layered. Four or five layers of pearls can make even a plain t-shirt look more dressed up. You can choose necklaces with the same size and colour of pearls or different, depending on your personal tastes. This styling trick works best when the pearls are of varying lengths. Use the clip mechanism to alter the lengths of your necklaces or knot the pearls instead. This is a simple but effective way to get you used to wearing pearls every day.

Wear backwards

Do you own a backless dress or top? Instead of wearing your pearl necklace to the front, why not wear it backwards instead. This should create a choker effect from the front and bring more interest to the back of your outfit instead. Place a single string of pearls around your neck and over your shoulders for a classic effect. Or go bold and layer your pearls again. Just make sure they feel comfortable to wear in this way. This is a trick that many stylists have used on the red carpet and gives an outfit a more dramatic feel. This is ideal for a prom or wedding guest outfit or even when you are getting dressed up for a girl’s night out.


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Add brooches

This styling trick can be used on pearl necklaces, headbands and bracelets. Add one or two of your favourite brooches to your jewelery to add more sparkle or colour. Diamante and colourful options work best as they create a beautiful contrast. If you don’t own any brooches, look in vintage stores and antique fairs for interesting designs you like. You can also use badges for a similar effect. This is an easy way of making your pearl jewelry look more modern. Just make sure you don’t cover up too many of the pearls.

If you’re obsessed with fashion and clothing, pearl jewelry is something you need to own. Whether it’s high-street or designer, they can transform any number of outfits. Experiment and get creative with how you style them to create a look that is truly you.

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