I had this post in my draft folder for the past 7 months. Initially, this blog post was intended to be a humorous, but I couldn’t bring myself to press the publish button. I was scared of the possible black lash, and at that time, I wasn’t prepared for it. I was in the worst state of mind ever. I was mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted. 7 months later, I feel that I have slowly, started to rediscover myself again. I am now able to share how I really felt about being at home. So here we go…

8 things I Missed While I Was on Maternity Leave

It may be the lack of sleep, the lack of coffee, or even the lack of space that is making me go crazy. But I know everybody loves crazy so I thought to myself “Hey, why not share my craziness with the entire world!”.

Wanna hear a funny story? I was in the shower [this in itself is a miracle] earlier this week and all I could hear through the running water was Abel crying and banging on the bathroom door trying to get in! Yes, he bangs things, throws things, and cries when he doesn’t have his way! Sound Familiar ?!

All I could think was, Oh my goodness, I just want to take a shower in peace, is that too much to ask for ?!!! [apparently, yes]. Then I started thinking.. I mean really thinking about the things I enjoyed in peace before I had kids….


and I’m talking about that good, uninterrupted, haven’t slept in my bed for a month kind of sleep. Oh the joys!


for obvious reasons showering is on the top of the list.


not only do you lose your showering privileges, you also don’t get to “relax” and take a soothing bubble bath. So no more “hey, look at me taking a relaxing bath” pictures. Sorry, say bye bye to those.


Abel is at that age where he screams to communicate with you. Eating a meal while you try to entertain a crying baby becomes a skill. Don’t even get me started on eating at a restaurant. Please don’t.


After a full day of mothering, I am ready to hit the hay around 10pm at the latest. I usually stay up later then that though.. just to enjoy the silence.


Leaving the house is a daunting task at times. Making sure that everyone is out the front door on time with all their belongings is a challenge. SO MANY THINGS TO REMEMBER. and of course when you leave something at home that you “don’t need” ends up being the most needed that day!


I’ve come to realize that until both kids are old enough to clean up after themselves, owning anything nice is not allowed in my reality. Why? because you don’t want to be wasting your money on things that you know your children will ruin. Do you feel me?!

last but not least…


All I want at the end of the day is absolute silence. Not because I’m selfish, because when you are running around most of the day. The most needed thing is to have that calm before the storm.


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