After having my children, I gained some new found respect for my dearest Mother. Lets face it, I wasn’t the most behaved child out of her bunch. I mean.. I did have a baby at Sixteen, making her a grandma at Thirty-Five.

To be brutality honest, I  can remember so many moments during my adolescence that she could have given up on me. I was a out of control Teenager. She never turned her back on me, not once. Not after I ran away from home (multiple times), Not after I called her every nasty name under the sun, Not  even when I bravely told her that I was pregnant at Fifteen and begged her to forgive me. She’s always been there for me. For us.

To this day, she is putting her children and her grand children ahead of her own well being. She does it with a smile and never complains. Though, she has plenty of reasoning too.

Whenever, I’m having a bad day, she always seems to put things in perspective for me. Giving her opinions but respectfully allowing me to make my own decisions and supporting it.

She makes THE BEST food in the whole world – friends who’ve tasted her food… you know what I’m talking bout right ?! Speaking of friends, she ALWAYS welcomes them into her home. Of course, they must respect her rules and guidelines. No swearing, No fighting, Always finish your plate and clean up after yourself.

You know the usual Mom rules. 

I am so thankful and blessed to call this women my mother and my best friend. And of course, to honor all your beautiful mothers, I have teamed up with Flavia, Owner and creator of Pacific Basket Co to giveaway one of their brand new, Mothers Day Gift Baskets.

Entering is super easy. Click on the Rafflecopter widget below and complete as many steps as you can. Also, don’t forget to come back here every day to get your daily entries. Thank you an Good Luck !!!


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