After having my children, I gained some new found respect for my dearest Mother. Lets face it, I wasn’t the most behaved child out of her bunch. I mean.. I did have a baby at Sixteen, making her a grandma at Thirty-Five.

To be brutality honest, I  can remember so many moments during my adolescence that she could have given up on me. I was a out of control Teenager. She never turned her back on me, not once. Not after I ran away from home (multiple times), Not after I called her every nasty name under the sun, Not  even when I bravely told her that I was pregnant at Fifteen and begged her to forgive me. She’s always been there for me. For us.

To this day, she is putting her children and her grand children ahead of her own well being. She does it with a smile and never complains. Though, she has plenty of reasoning too.

Whenever, I’m having a bad day, she always seems to put things in perspective for me. Giving her opinions but respectfully allowing me to make my own decisions and supporting it.

She makes THE BEST food in the whole world – friends who’ve tasted her food… you know what I’m talking bout right ?! Speaking of friends, she ALWAYS welcomes them into her home. Of course, they must respect her rules and guidelines. No swearing, No fighting, Always finish your plate and clean up after yourself.

You know the usual Mom rules. 

I am so thankful and blessed to call this women my mother and my best friend. And of course, to honor all your beautiful mothers, I have teamed up with Flavia, Owner and creator of Pacific Basket Co to giveaway one of their brand new, Mothers Day Gift Baskets.

Entering is super easy. Click on the Rafflecopter widget below and complete as many steps as you can. Also, don’t forget to come back here every day to get your daily entries. Thank you an Good Luck !!!


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  • LC

    she is cool!

  • Nicole Leger

    I want to win this so badly! It’s such an amazing basket!

  • Deepti Madan

    Got a little emotional reading this and I miss my mom so much..wish we lived in the same country..can’t wait to visit her in a couple of months.

    • aww Deepti! I don’t know how people do it. Living in a separate country from there mom 🙁 My heart goes out to you ! Keep strong as always and I’m sure your visit will be incredible <3

  • Maria Katie

    I love her hugs

  • great job babe! awesome giveaway – good luck to everyone participating !!!

  • Kristin Lopez

    Your mother is just amazing! Great post! As is mine, she’s been the solid rock in our family, always dependable and always loving despite any circumstance! ! 💗

    • yes, youre mom is the best too 😛 I love mama Kapp 🙂

  • Monique

    I love how driven my mom is. She is the most hard working person I know. She works hard and always continues to better herself even when she’s already at the top of her game. She is selfless and always puts everyone’s needs before hers. She’s the best mom and grandma to my kids. She’s my mentor and I’m her biggest cheerleader!

    • LOVE THIS!!!! You’re mom sounds like a super women 🙂

  • Nicole Leger

    I love that she is always looking out for others.

    • Moms are the best at that aren’t they?!

  • Tara Peterson

    This is soooo nice!! Love your tribute and sweet things you said about your mama. She sounds so amazing. I’m the same way about my mom. She’s my best friend and we talk everyday. She’s also the greatest grandma to my babies! I would LOVE to win this to share with her!

    • I cant say enough good things about her! shes my rock and holds our family together! I am glad to hear im not the only one with an amazing relationship with my mama 😛 Good luck Tara

  • Jenny Ha

    My mama is an awesome grandma!

  • Roxana

    I hope you have a great Mother’s Day. You are my inspiration mama!!

    • Thank you Roxana ! Have a great Mothers Day 🙂

  • Renee

    There are so many things that I love about my mom. One of them being that we can laugh for hours together. She is my best friend.

    • isn’t that the best ??? I love cracking jokes with my mama

  • Courtney R

    Love that she was an amazing mother to me, and is the best grandmother to my children.

  • Samantha Lenz

    My mom is amazing! She just became a gma (aka grandmother) I recently had a baby and she has been great with the transition and helping me when needed. I’m a single mama so she really steps in when I need it.

    • that’s so awesome! Idk how I would survive without my mamas help! She’s the best ever 🙂

  • Coral Ariel Seabrook

    Her amazing sense of humour!

  • aliasmith06

    I love my mom because she is an amazing role modle and a kind human being. She raised five children flawlessly and is so selfless. She has also taught me how to be a mother to my daughter. 💓💕💖💜💕

    • Sounds like she was a great mother to you and your siblings !

  • Janette Shearer

    She’s stubborn as hell and loves with all her might!