Women look beautiful during pregnancy. They glow with confidence and the excitement of their new arrival certainly shows! However, just because they look great doesn’t mean that they are feeling great! Our stress levels can easily go through the roof while we are pregnant. This isn’t good news for either baby or mom. So it is very important to have some ways you can de-stress up your sleeve for the times it all feels too much. Here are some great hacks to help you get through the nine months


This may sound counterintuitive, but exercise is a super way to get rid of stress. I know you probably won’t feel like working out while you ache, but it can release endorphins into your body. These natural chemicals will give your mood a boost and are nature’s painkillers! Obviously, it is best not to do anything too strenuous if you are in the later stages of pregnancy. But you can still do some light activity, even while you are sitting down!

Have A Massage

When your body is feeling tense, the best way to relieve all the strain is with a massage. If you are on a budget, ask your partner to give you a romantic backrub. But if you can afford it, it will definitely be worth going for a professional one! If you have a spa nearby, they should offer single treatments. There are also lots of independent companies that you can use, such as Day Break Massage.

Get Some Rest

You won’t be able to sleep too much once the baby arrives, so get all the rest that you can now. Have lots of early nights and sleep in if you can. I know trying to drop off while pregnant can be tricky, so make your bedroom as comfy as it can be. Splash out on premium bedding and plump up all your cushions and pillows; it will certainly be worth it!

Take Maternity Leave

These days, some moms try to keep on working until right up until the birth. However, you should take as much maternity leave as you are entitled to. If you continue to work late in your pregnancy, it will be putting a strain on your body as well as your emotions. The weeks in the run up to the birth are all about relaxing. Take time out at home and put your feet up. You may not get the chance again once the baby is here!

Eat Well

The whole ‘eating for two’ saying has been shown to just be a myth. Don’t use pregnancy as an excuse to overeat! Stick to a healthy diet to stay in top shape. There are lots of benefits to a nutritious diet. It can help your baby’s development and also help you to feel great throughout the pregnancy!

The key to reducing stress during pregnancy is to relax. So why not start right now and sit down for a few minutes with a nice cup of tea?!

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