After a relationship breaks down, you may have to adjust to life as a single parent. It can certainly be a challenge. Your bank balance will become much tighter, and you may have less time to yourself. However, that shouldn’t mean single parenthood should be a complete uphill struggle. There are various ways you can deal with the change and make things easier on yourself. Here are five ways to get the help you need.

Turn To Your Friends And Family For Support

Your close friends and relatives can be great sources of comfort. If you need some help around the house sometimes, ask them if they can spare an hour of their day. They only want to see you and your kids family, so will be very likely to oblige! They can even help out with childcare. Your parents will love having the kids stay with them for a night while you take some time to yourself and catch up with friends.

Speak To A Divorce Attorney

If the end of your relationship means you’ll be getting a divorce, you need to speak to a divorce attorney. He or she will be able to sort out the proceedings as quickly as possible. When kids are involved, you might also need to arrange custody. It can be a lot easier if you and your partner both agree to the same terms. Otherwise, the whole process can drag on. If you need some more information, take a look at the site from this law office.

Enjoy Your Kids

Your kids can be fantastic sources of joy and happiness. Now is the time you should be enjoying their company before they grow up! They could be finding this period particularly tough as well. So spend some time together as a family to strengthen the bond between you all. Whenever you play with your kids, you’ll realize how quickly you forget your troubles once you hear their laughter.


If you are worried about being able to stretch your budget, you should speak to your local authorities. There may be some financial benefits that you are now eligible to claim. If you can prove that your household income has reduced, you should be able to get some money from the government. This may come in the form of tax credits or money that goes towards your kids. You could also be able to claim monthly payments from your ex-partner for child support.

Your Ex’s Family

Don’t forget that your ex’s family are still related to your kids. Just because he is out of your life doesn’t mean that they should be too. They will love to see the kids and will also be happy to help out with childcare. It’s important not to deny your kids access to his relatives just because you do not like them. This could cause force your kids against you.

As you can see, getting used to being a single parent will take some time. But you will definitely get there eventually!

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