Car journeys are something that many new parents worry about once their baby arrives. Whether it’s a long trip to visit Grandma or just a quick drive to the store, it can be extremely nerve-wracking. This worrying can be a huge distraction and could unintentionally put your and your child at risk. You naturally want to ensure your baby is as safe as possible when inside your vehicle. But it’s also just as important to be a responsible and focused driver. To make sure every car ride is stress-free and safe, read through these driving safety tips.

Buy the safest car seat

Before you even think about driving anywhere with your baby, you need to buy a car seat. It’s a requirement that all parents need to abide by to optimize the safety of their vehicle. There are countless options to choose from that vary in price, quality, and size. So you need to do plenty of research to ensure you’re buying the safest seat possible. Look at options with excellent safety ratings such as the Keyfit 30 by Chicco, which is a rear facing infant car seat. Read online reviews made by other parents to gain recommendations and advice. It’s also advantageous to ensure the car seat is suitable for your vehicle before buying. Find a baby retailer that supplies top quality car seats and ask them to ensure the seat fits into your car. Many retailers will also provide the installation with the purchase of a car seat to ensure maximum safety.

Don’t give them food

Unless you have someone sitting with your baby, it’s wise not to give them food or drink when drinking. Braking suddenly or going round corners quickly could cause choking. This can be life threatening to your baby. But it will also cause you to panic and take your full attention off the road. Plastic bottles and food containers can also become projectiles if your car is crashed into or stops suddenly. So it’s always safer to feed your child before your journey or when the car is not in motion. Also, never attempt to breastfeed or bottle feed when driving.


There will be times when you are driving when your baby will cry. This is probably because they are restless or hungry. This can be a huge distraction and take a lot of your attention away from the road. One of the biggest mistakes driving parents make is turning around to soothe their baby when driving. This increases the chances of an accident significantly. So never do this. Remain calm and focus on finding a safe place to stop. Only when you have stopped should you then tend to your child. If going on long car rides, make sure you have plenty of breaks where you can eat. This will boost your concentration and focus as well as keeping your baby happy.

These tips can help you protect your baby as much as possible and avoid distractions when behind the wheel. As a result, you’ll feel safer and more at ease when traveling with your child.

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