One of the biggest things you have to give up when you enter parenthood is… time. It’s absolutely worth it, of course, to see your kids grow up into fine young gentlemen/ladies. But it does impact your life in a tiny way, whether it’s a loss of leisure time or a loss of couples time.

And then, the lengthy beauty regime begins to slip, you’re too tired to cook so your diet takes a hit, and your teeth are the first victim. Sadly, we only get one adult set – it would be nice indeed if we got to start all over again with a fresh pair.

But unfortunately, this is not the case – all you can do is brush, brush, brush! Even then, your chops may not achieve that level of gleaming whiteness you desire. So, here are some easy ways for busy mamas to keep their teeth healthy – without wasting time!

Note: You can also apply these to your kids, if you’re struggling to get them to understand the importance of oral hygiene!

Do not mouthwash after brushing! – Time taken: 0 minutes

Using any sort of mouthwash straight after brushing can wash away the fluoride that’s in the toothpaste on your teeth. In plain English, that’s bad. It removes that layer of protection from your chops, so find a different time to mouthwash! Perhaps after your afternoon meal.

Teeth whitening – Time taken: 20-30 minutes

Teeth whitening won’t improve the health of your teeth, but it acts as a superb placebo effect. That means that if your teeth look healthy, you’ll be more inclined to keep them that way. There are plenty of sources to help you learn about ways to whiten your teeth at home. So don’t shop blind!

Change your toothbrush every 2 months – Time taken: 1 minute while shopping

If you don’t frequently change up your toothbrush, you’re just transferring bacteria to your mouth. If you have an electric toothbrush, then you should change the head every two months, too. Think of all the times you’ve cleaned your teeth. That bacteria still exists!

Eat more ‘cleaning’ foods – Time taken: 2 or 3 minutes

‘Cleaning’ foods are foods that will effectively clean teeth as they’re being eaten. Some foods that are good for this include apples, raw carrots, raw celery and even cucumber. Look for foods that are fresh, crisp and free of sugars and starch.

Don’t forget your tongue! – Time taken: 30 seconds after brushing

Every time you brush, make sure you clean your tongue with a tongue scraper. This removes bacteria and germs from your tongue, and prevents it from being transferred to your teeth. Don’t use the head of your toothbrush; this is largely ineffective. Invest in a brush that comes with a scraper instead.

All in all, use your common sense! You don’t need surgery, or expensive beauty products that take a chunk out of your time and bank account. You just need to make a few small, quick changes, and the results will come with time.


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