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As many of you know, I am a huge supporter of “small shops”. I would rather support a mama who is hustling to provide for her family, by giving her customers with quality handmade goods, over some huge corporation. There is something special knowing that your purchase, no matter how big or how small, made a difference in that mamas life!

As such, I’m so excited to be introducing and  sharing with you The Paper Carousel. Marisol, [owner and creator] started The Paper Carousel because she wanted to stay at home with her son. After being told she would never have children, she was blessed with her son and didn’t want to miss a minute of his life! Now that’s a miracle.  She believes the magic of childhood should be treasured. Where giants and dragons are real. There are almost always happy endings and the world is yours to discover.

One of her many creations includes her original, Feed the Bear – Toddler Learning Game. Feed the Bear helps children to recognize numbers, counting, colors and sorting. Since Abel is little too young to figure out the whole concept of the game, I recruited my five year old niece, to help him out.

Here’s How To Play

For ages 3-6. One die has numbers and a bear.  The second die has acorns, berries and a bear.  The die with number tells you how many berries or acorns to sort into the bowls.  When a bear comes up on either die you feed the bear and start over. You can also use just for sorting without the dice or Bear.

We’ve been playing Feed the Bear, a couple times a week since receiving the game a month ago, and Abel has slowly learned to sort the corresponding colours ! My niece, absolutely LOVED the game. She was sorting, counting, and feeding the bear for an hour straight. I asked her what she liked about the game and she  excitingly responded with “I love feeding the bear!”.

When you start to incorporate different and unique ways in teaching your little, it makes learning fun for them. Using your creativity and thinking out of the box is what childhood is all about. ..well a small portion of it :P… So why not start by introducing  something as wonderful as  “Feed the Bear” to your children?

Before I go, I wanted to mention that Marisol, makes her art come to life. Not only does she hand make everything, she also hand draws all the sketches for her items, just like Rayne Redwolf and Hedgy Hedgehog, seen below. The Paper Carousel provides you with various learning games, like Feed the Bear, as well as, pillows/dolls, and even stamps! Make sure to check out her site for yourself and let me know what your favourite item from her shop is 😉

Thank you so much for reading and happy learning !

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