So, your child is soon to turn another year older and to mark the occasion you plan on throwing them a birthday party. The question is, what sort of party should you throw them? If they want to invite their whole class along, it’s important to come up with an idea that the whole class – boys and girls, will love. Need a little inspiration? Check out these fun, cute, and quirky birthday ideas that all kids are sure to love.

Host a teddy bear’s picnic

For younger children, a teddy bear’s picnic can make the perfect birthday party. If you’ve got a good sized garden, you can host the party at your home. If not, you’ll need to find another venue – a park or a local beach could be ideal. Invite along all your child’s classmates and ask them each to bring their favorite teddy. These should ideally be labeled with their name to prevent any arguments. Get a big picnic blanket and make up some yummy picnic food and plan some fun teddy-themed games for the kids to play. You could even opt for teddy themed-plates, balloons, and birthday cake, to make the day even more special.

Organize a pool party

Does the birthday boy or girl love to swim? Yes – then how about planning them a pool party for their birthday? If you have a pool in your garden or have a friend or relative that does, organize a pool party and BBQ for your little one’s birthday. Just make sure that there are enough adults on hand to keep an eye on the children in the water. If there’s not a suitable pool, how about heading to the beach for a beach party instead? As long as the weather’s warm, this could be the ideal way to celebrate.

Plan a laser tag party

When it comes to picking birthday party places for your little one’s big day, a laser tag facility could be ideal. If your child loves being active and having adventures, a laser tag birthday party could be perfect for them. It’s the child-friendly version of paintball that uses lasers – it’s fun, exciting, and a great way to burn up some energy. Look for somewhere that offers a party package that includes a laser tag session as well as food and refreshments afterward. All you’ll need to do is take a birthday cake along – what party could be easier?

Hold a sport’s party

If you want to plan a party for in your garden, a sport’s party could be ideal. If your child loves playing football or cricket, organize a sport’s party for them. Whatever theme you settle for – say football, for instance, theme the whole party around it. Give out football themed invites, ask the kids to dress up as footballers, and plan out football based activities. There’s plenty of ideas and inspiration online if you’re stuck for ideas.

So there you have it, lots of fun ideas for helping your child to celebrate their birthday with their friends. For a party that both boys and girls will love, take note of the tips and ideas above.

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