I am so excited to share this awesome movement from the The Sparkle Project !

The Sparkle Project BC is a movement that seeks to inspire and equip young girls to lead healthy, self-confident, and successful lives. The members of the Sparkle community dream of a world where girls have the self-love and self-confidence to clearly identify their goals, pursue their passions, and plan for their own success.

The women of Sparkle are pooling their collective wisdom to create inspirational and practical resources for young women. These resources include a book entitled Sparkle: An Interactive Handbook for Young Girls, a Barrett-Stuart-penned song called ‘Sparkle’, Sparkle merchandise, workshops across British Columbia, and much more. Click to purchase!

Partial proceeds from all Sparkle activities will fund bursaries for young girls who need financial assistance to pursue their dreams. I wish that there was a project like this while I was growing up. It would have been so helpful and inspiring.

I will be bringing my 5 year old niece with me to the event. I want her see first hand all the possibilities that are around her. As her aunt, I want to be able to be the one she comes to when she needs advise and doesn’t want her mom to get angry. I want to inspire her creativity, I want her to be comfortable in her own skin, I want her to be happy with who she is. I’m ecstatic for this event – to say the least !

I’ve teamed up with The Sparkle Project to giveaway two FREE tickets, a Sparkle Handbook, and a Sparkle necklace (worth $90) to one lucky winner! Please enter only if you can attend the event.

These inspiring and interactive sessions will give participants insight into their own passions and talents, and equip them with strategies for setting goals, making plans, and turning their dreams into their realities. These workshops are also available for school programs, private functions, community events, etc. Contact us at info@thesparkleprojectbc.com for more information.

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