When I found out that I was heading to Bowen Island with some pretty cool ass babes, Janette from Ava to Zoe,  Kat from The Pampered Baby and Kristy from Kristy Powers Portraits, I was mother than excited. Read all about our experience here: Say No To Stress & Yes to Nectar Yoga BnB.

As our trip day came closer, I realized that I wasn’t prepared for it ! Thankfully Janette thought about every single detail and managed to get each one of us with some yoga retreat goodies. Since I don’t want any of you to head to your retreat unprepared, here are 10 items you should bring on your next yoga retreat !

Hair Elastics

It may sound silly, but these little guys tend to get forgotten, I mean…why wouldn’t you bring hair elastics? Well, this mama is VERY forgetful, I’m constantly thinking about what I’m going to wear and what shoes to bring, but I ALWAYS forget my hair ties. These ones from  Goody Hair Accessories will do the trick !

Yoga Gear

Thank goodness for RYU Apparel ! They spoiled the three of us from head to toe with some of their gear. I rocked the Tough Tight in HiRise Fit, Sleeveless Tec Top, and Cotten V Neck Tee.  If you like being comfortable during your workout and not worrying about rising tops or bottoms then these are for you !

About RYU:

“RYU is about you the athlete , At Ryu, we exist to facilitate human performance. Thats why we push ourselves to innovate and engineer fabrics and construction to assist you in whatever challenges come your way. Like you, we don’t settle. Our “design without compromise” is not an ideal it’s a mantra. Our line in the sand.”

Water Bottle

Of course you don’t want to forget your water bottle ! Yoga isn’t just a way to relax your mind, body and soul. Yoga is actually really great way to get your heart rate up and sweat those stresses away. Bringing a water bottle with a motivating slogan is a must.


“FREE REIGN is  a lifestyle brand that was inspired by Melanie’s personal battle with chronic pain. She’s taken everything in her line to which she considers to be her “everyday essentials” and revamped them to all positive and encouraging. All her designs are made by her and are local to Vancouver!”

A Cozy Sweater

What’s a yoga retreat without a cozy sweater to lounge in ?! This Yoga, Tea, Naps spent 3 whole days on me before and after our yoga sessions. Pick up your Motto sweater here !

About Karma & Soul

“Karma & Should began in early 2015 as a means to achieve ultimate health & wellness. Today, we have evolved into an establishment focused on the promotion of young, local entrepreneurs, products entered around physical, emotional and spiritual wellness, and the host of community events throughout greater Vancouver !”

 Tote Bag

Call me lazy, but carrying up all of my Yoga gear to the Yoga dome seemed like task that could be  made easy! With Oh My Dear Loves you can have a customized tote made right here in Vancouver. Remember to support local <3

About Oh My Dear Loves

“Enamaoured with all things whimsical, adventurous and west coast dreamy; I live and craft in a small cabin on Vancouver Island. It’s here that I explore and make a life with island born and raised husband, and our 3 year old twins. I’ve always been drawn to art, design, nature, whimsy and genuine Human connection.”

Carry On Bag

Looks can be deceiving… I packed a “carry on” full of beauty supplies – that I didn’t have room for in my suitcase. I was gifted the Louise Backpack from Newlie, to try without the kids. I was able to use all the inside pockets (that were made for bottles and diapers) to help me organize all my mommy stuff so that I wasn’t spilling or squishing anything important. Thanks Newlie !

About Newlie

“The Louise Backpack Diaper Bag can be worn as both a backpack and a shoulder bag. Even Better, this is the perfect transitional baby bag. With out Signature interior insulated pocket, you can store baby bottles during the diaper years and snacks during the toddler years !”

A Fierce Outfit

When we were planning our trip, we discussed the option of bringing out a “going out” outfit, so that we could dress up and go for dinner. Bringing an outfit aside from your yoga gear is a must. Especially if you want to head out for a couple of drinks. This one from Shabby Apple is the perfect combination of sweet & sexy!

Extra Goodies

Bring a couple extra items  with you to the retreat. A nice smelling candle that makes you feel at home,  A warm toque, or even a small pouch to carry all the little things can make a world of difference.

Thankfully, From the Seeds carries these adorable Succulent Print Zippy Pencil Case that I use as a organizer pouch and are perfect to use a main organizer for all your mom stuff – if you catch my drift ;).

The awesome relaxation kit from Saje Wellness was the perfect finisher to our yoga sessions. It included our very own antibacterial mat spray, a peppermint halo roll on and the transition mist. You can find all three of these items on their site ! (Cyber Monday shopping anyone ?!).


About From the Seeds:

 “I am always happiest when creating something that will be loved.From the Seeds is my vision – of a cozy space that carries aesthetically pleasing, environmentally happy and functional items.

My journey into this Easy shop began when I decided to leave my job working with special education children and become a stay at home mum. I wanted a creative space where I could explore new ideas and be inspired to connive to creat things daily. My husband has jumped on board and loves contributing handmade wood items to the shop as well !”

About Saje Wellness

“We are dedicated to providing positively outrageous customer service. We believe that YOU are our boss and that everyone in the company reports to you. Our minds and hearts are always open to hear what you have to say. We will answer your questions with honestly and sincerity. We continually strive to provide you with thefts natural personal care products available anywhere in the world and we stand behind these products unzcondintaiooly !”

Adult Drinks

Let’s face it, you have two nights away from your kids who doesn’t want to raise a glass to that ?  All four of us mamas wanted to destress and let loose ! Janette pulled it off again with Evolve Cellars !


About Evolve Cellars

“Every choice you make has intention – to accomplish, create and grow. Join us at Evolve Cellars and be surrounded by vineyards with a spectacular views cross Okanagan Lake. Bring a picnic or enjoy lunch at the onsite restaurant, relaxing on one of our sun-drenched patios, glass in hand. Our bright, airy tasting room is hosted by friendly and knowledgeable staff and features carefully selected gifts. Outside, the breathtaking grounds offer a perfect setting for your wedding or event-including reunions, yoga or corporate retreats. Raise a glass to yourself, today.”

last but not least…


A yoga retreat without any friends?! say whaaa……. I am thankful to have crossed path with so many incredible, supportive women, so why not make sure that you make this a memorable trip by inviting your friends?! If it wasn’t for these three, I’m not sure if I would have been able to make it through without their constant support and encouragement. Make sure that your next Yoga Retreat is surrounded by your nearest and dearest.

A HUGE  YOU to all the brands that made this trip possible ! WE couldn’t have done this without you

Photo credit: Kristy Powers

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Ryu Apparel
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Karma & Soul
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Free Reign
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Oh My Dear Loves
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From the Seeds
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Evolve Cellars
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Evolve Cellars

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Newlie Co

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Shabby Apple

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