It’s important that your wedding day looks perfect in every way. If you already have a baby, factor in how they fit in with the day too. You may have a lot to consider, but taking the time to work out what’s going to happen with your little one is crucial. This is a big day for them too, even if they won’t remember it when they’re older. Inviting your baby into the festivities can be a great addition to an already romantic day. The trick is to make plans for your child, as well as yourselves. Remember that you’re going to have a lot to think about on the day. A screaming baby may not be top of your priority list. So, how can you make sure the day goes smoothly with a baby in tow?


You want your baby to look gorgeous on the day. There’s going to be a lot of attention directed their way. Plus, they’ll be by your side in all your photos! Taking time to find the perfect outfit is well worth the effort. We often choose the cheapest clothes money can buy for our babies. There’s no point spending a lot of money on an outfit that won’t last five minutes, right? This is your big day, though. Take this an excuse to buy your baby an outfit to remember. Companies like Gucci baby offer some top of the range outfits for your little one. Buy your little girl her first party gown. Or, buy your little boy his first suit! Whatever you choose, your baby is sure to look gorgeous!


You aren’t going to have time to meet baby’s needs while dealing with photographers and guests. Make sure it’s not your child screaming as you walk down the aisle by designating a family member for childcare. This doesn’t mean you won’t see your baby all day. Far from it. It just means that you won’t have to worry when baby gets upset. You’re going to be quite busy, after all. Ask your parents, or maybe your siblings, whether they would mind being on baby duty. They’ll jump at the chance to look after your little one.


Though your wedding day is special for you, your little one is too young to understand that. To them, the day will be filled with unfamiliar faces and boring photo shoots. Taking along some bits and pieces to keep baby amused will avoid any disasters. This is especially important for your wedding photos. A crying, red-faced baby won’t look great in pictures. Take along a few toys that are sure to make baby smile when the flash goes. This will make life a lot easier, and your photographer will thank you too. Herding everyone for photos is hard enough, without having to stop for a screaming baby! Your chosen childminder will also thank you for the thought. They’ll be able to calm the baby down a lot faster with this help!

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