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December 16, 2016

Motherhood, Our Life in Photos

The Beauty of Young Motherhood

” Mothers & daughters are closest, when daughters become mothers” When I created my blog, all I wanted was to share my personal Teen Mom story, but the truth is, I’m not the only Teen Mom in my family. There are three of us. Myself, My sister, and my incredibly strong mother. After finding out I was pregnant with Jayden, I hid it from my mom for two weeks before my sister spilled the beans. To be honest, I feared her  ...

Parents Tips & Tricks

New Arrival: Your Guide On What To Buy For Baby

There’s a special, magical moment when every new mother meets her child for the first time and instinctively a lifelong bond is established. The chances are in the last couple of months you were too tired, sleepy or fed up of looking at another stroller to get everything you needed beforehand. Still, as long as long as you have these essentials everything else is a bonus! Clothes And Lots Of Them Not only do babies grow and they grow quickly  ...