” Mothers & daughters are closest, when daughters become mothers”

When I created my blog, all I wanted was to share my personal Teen Mom story, but the truth is, I’m not the only Teen Mom in my family. There are three of us. Myself, My sister, and my incredibly strong mother.

After finding out I was pregnant with Jayden, I hid it from my mom for two weeks before my sister spilled the beans. To be honest, I feared her reaction, I knew she would be disappointed in me. After all, she did bring us to Canada for a better life and that did not include me becoming a mother at sixteen.

My mom had me at the age of twenty (pregnant at nineteen), my sister had her first at eighteen (pregnant at seventeen) and of course, you all know that I had Jayden at the age of sixteen (pregnant at fifteen). Now to some, that may seem like a curse, having a family of young mothers is not what was in the cards but its what we were dealt.

One thing for sure is that we’re always there for each other.

We lean on one another for moral support, we weep with one another when times are tough, we honour our bond as young mothers to ensure that we never break away from what’s important and thats raising our children to be happy.

We’ve all gone through hard times, my mom raised her three children by herself, even when my dad was around he wasn’t present (you can read all about his addiction here). I wanted to do something special for us that involved getting pampered.  With the help of some amazing women, we were able to capture photos of the three of us that we can cherish for the years to come.

Our story runs deeper than what I’m sharing, but you can ask anybody who knows us well, our relationships cannot be duplicated.I always wanted a young mothers to look up too and I never realized that they were sitting next to me the whole time.

I owe my strength, courage, beauty, and my power to overcome to my amazing mother. She never ever turned her back on me. She was (and still is) a huge part of why I continue to work hard, push and persevere through this thing we call life.

The person that keeps both my sister and I going, is this lady right here.

Thank you to Karina Dresses for gifting your ” Trudy” this for this shoot! 

Photography by: Kirsty Powers Portraits

Hair: Behind The Beauty by Justine

Make up: Beauty by Allyda

Rose Gold Ba Necklace: Mint & Birch

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  • I’m loving these photos, and am a little jealous of your close knit family! So sweet to have an amazing support team. And you’re all ridiculously good looking.