Christmas is a magical time of year for children as they cross their fingers that santa brings them what’s on their Christmas list, gaze in awe at the fairy lights on the town Christmas tree and decorate cards with tinsel and glitter at school before the holidays begin. However, it’s also extra special for very little ones experiencing everything for the first time so what better way than to acknowledge their first Christmas than by getting them a truly meaningful present.

Snuggle Blankets

Babies and toddlers love to snuggle into soft, warm and fluffy items that help to soothe them to sleep gently. Many children find it hard to go to sleep, travel in the car and even play without knowing their blanket is close by. If you are aware that a child has trouble falling asleep or has lost their old blanket then why not buy a personalized, cute, comfy one? Some also have a soft toy like a bunny, dog or an elephant incorporated into them which children love. Remember, make sure to speak to the child’s parents to make sure whatever gift you buy them is ok as not everyone agrees with comfort items.

Keepsake Boxes

Although he or she won’t be able to fully enjoy this box until they’re much older, it will be a lovely gift for them in the future. Keepsake boxes are wonderful places to store milestone photos, such as the first smile, step, and tooth. As well as being a unique place to keep things like baby books, relevant paperwork such as the birth certificate and even the hospital bracelet baby was given at birth. If you get a large box now, there are many different styles available, then over the years it’ll be able to hold other precious memories like their first day of school when they learned to ride a bike and even pictures of their high school prom.

Animal Sleepy Suit

Sleepy suits are super items for little ones as they can be used for bath time, playtime, on holiday and even in the car. They come in a range of colors and fabrics, so you could get one in their favorite one as well as different animals like bears, owls, and even unicorns. You could personalize their robe, or sleepy suit as well as get them matching slippers, pajamas or socks. If you like the idea of buying clothing then why not browse products from Zoey’s Attic? Here, you’ll find lots of customizable kids t-shirts, bodysuits and more as well as a whole range of baby’s first holiday gifts.

Illustrated Storybooks

They might not be able to read yet depending on how old the intended recipient is but mom, dad or any older siblings will be happy to until they can. For an animal themed gift you could buy them the works of Beatrix Potter, or for kids that love trains Thomas, The Tank Engine picture books would be perfect. Of course, you can’t go wrong with the classics and many children over the years have loved re-reading illustrated fairy tales.

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