There’s a special, magical moment when every new mother meets her child for the first time and instinctively a lifelong bond is established. The chances are in the last couple of months you were too tired, sleepy or fed up of looking at another stroller to get everything you needed beforehand. Still, as long as long as you have these essentials everything else is a bonus!

Clothes And Lots Of Them

Not only do babies grow and they grow quickly but they also grow at entirely different speeds and need completely different sizes. Surprisingly, baby clothing is very varied, but these are what you’ll need. Kicking things off are sleepers or onesies which are basically fleecy pajamas they can wear in the daytime, look for ones that zip up or use poppers for quick, easy and convenient removal. Then you have shirts, socks, leggings and stretchy pants as well as jackets, coats, and tiny, weeny shoes.

A Stroller You Feel Comfortable Using

There’s no point buying an all singing all dancing stroller and then realise at the bus stop you don’t know how to fold the silly thing. Make sure you pick something that suits your needs, does it need to fold away quickly? Do you need lots of storage space for a diaper bag, your bag and any shopping bags? How often will you be using the stroller on your own and what sort of terrain will you mostly be walking on? Have a think about your daily routine and what your priorities are because life will be a lot easier if you have a stroller you love.

Baby Changing Mat Or Table

You don’t necessarily need to buy a specific mat although for hygiene reasons you may want to. It’s important that you decide in advance where you’re going to set up your baby changing area, put your diaper holder and all the changing supplies. Remember if you are changing your child on top of a table or elevated area never leave them alone not even for a minute. Many parents choose a changing table with inbuilt storage where you can keep baby powder, wipes, spare footie pajamas and diapers.

A Truckload Of Diapers

This goes without saying unless you’re going to be using reusable ones at the beginning or those with a disposable diaper liner and reusable outer protection. Diapers come in all different sizes and employ technology, alternative fabrics and even liquid gels to prevent leaking. Experiment with different styles, thickness and coverings to see which your baby prefers as well as chatting to other modern moms shop for baby products online. Don’t worry you’ll get plenty of practice as on average a newborn goes through eight to ten diapers each day.

Cosy Snug As A Bug Bassinet

Don’t be too eager to move your baby into their own room or indeed their own crib if they’re a year old or less. In fact, many parents prefer to have the baby in a bassinet, or even in bed with them. However, by the time your child is a year old they will need a crib of their own so look for one that’s sturdy, meets safety standards and the mattress and bedding are snug not squashed inside the crib.

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