It is sometimes a little too easy when thinking about Christmas, to see no further than the big smile on a young child’s face. Naturally, it is true that young children can feel more enthusiastic and excited by Christmas than teenagers or adults. But, simply because you’ve stopped believing in Santa, does not mean that Christmas should be any less exciting than it used to be when you were younger! So it’s time to wake up and rediscover the fun side of Christmas for all, regardless of your age or where you are in your life. Depending on your age, you have different expectations and you approach Christmas in a different way. But there is always something to satisfy everyone!

For Babies: It’s Not About Their Memories, It’s About Yours

While it is likely that your baby will not remember their first Christmas, it doesn’t stop you from letting a wind of renewal blow on your festive decorations and traditions. Many young parents like to upgrade their Christmas ornaments as the family grows, which is a cute way of introducing Father Christmas to the newcomers. Baby’s first Christmas is a keystone for all young parents so, why not make the most of it? Going down the DIY route will enable you to build wonderful decorations that will be both meaningful and full of love. What else does one need for Christmas? A big favorite is to cast a mould of your baby’s hand and foot and to paint it in the festive colors of Christmas. Don’t forget to make a small hole to pass the string through: You’ll need it if you want to hang your baby’s ornaments to the Christmas tree! Finally, Christmas presents for babies are of a useful kind and need to be directed at the parents instead, such as a new baby clothes, baby equipment, etc.

For Toddlers: The First Christmas They Remember, Make It Special

Toddlers are very new to the idea of Christmas – they have no memory of their baby’s year – and get hugely excited about it. So this is the best age to get the message of love and happiness across to them, as this will stay with them to adulthood. Between 1,5 and three is the time to introduce the Christmas traditions to your child, such as paying Father Christmas a visit for example, or singing carols. Remember that you are now building the base for what Christmas will mean to them, so it’s important to get it right. Toddlers are still naturally very young and can be a little clumsy at times, so while it is best to leave the decoration to older children, you can get crafty with them and make a Christmas poster or bake simple Christmas biscuits together. Additionally, the time for practical gifts has gone. Young children need to receive from Santa presents that are meaningful and specially chosen for them. A good way to find great toddler gift ideas is to pick items that are fully designed for young children, such as small-sized bags to carry their favorite toys or little bath towels that are made to be held by small hands, or maybe a cute, cuddly toy.

For Children: Let Them Ring The Bells Of Discovery And Games

From around four-year-old until early teenage years, children are the most receptive to the spirit of Christmas and can embrace all its aspects thoroughly. During that time, you will develop your child’s sense of giving and receiving, and respect for the family and the others. So, let your child join in the Christmas race that takes over the household in December because it is important to show them that all the fun of Christmas is not only in opening the presents under the Christmas tree but in preparing the house for the big day and in celebrating together. Consequently, you can start by given them duties to help you with the Christmas preparations: In your child’s eyes, he or she is taken seriously and also responsible for the organization of a Merry Christmas. By doing this, you are letting your child take ownership and make Christmas his or her own. Whether you ask your child to decorate the Christmas tree or to help you create new craft ornaments, or even to prepare the gingerbread dough, it is up to you. What matters is that they can take an active part in it. As a reward, naturally, you could encourage them to write a letter to Santa to tell him what they want for Christmas: This is a great tip to find out about all the latest toys and games that they dream of!  For Teenagers: They Don’t Need Santa Anymore, They Need You

Teenagers, unfortunately, lose their magical excitement for Christmas as they start to understand better the financial involvement of their parents and lose their faith in Santa. Besides, for many, Christmas is synonymous of spending time away from their friends and their first boyfriend or girlfriend. So, it may, at first, sound difficult to make Christmas special for them. But don’t be fooled. Teenagers will be very sensitive to the feelings of the spirit of Christmas: Love and togetherness. This is a time where, as a parent, you need to help your child go through their teenage years by showing them love and understanding. This means that now, more than ever, your child will need someone who can listen to them without judging. Be there for them as they go through a difficult period of their life – don’t we all remember how our mood was going up and down during those years? – and help them to open up to you. You will find that ideas for presents can become a little more difficult to find, but if you establish a trustful relationship with your teenage child, you will know what their tastes in music, film and books are, as well as their projects for the future. Good gifts for teenagers needs to be supportive, such as guitar lessons for an enthusiastic music lover, or maybe an interview for an internship experience in a branch that they are passionate about.

For Young Adults: Spread The Love At Christmas

Young adults are a part of the population that is either studying at university or working. The main difference with teenagers, as some of them will still be in their late teenage years, is that they have real responsibilities that can be life-changing. Young adults also don’t live with their parents anymore in most cases. For them, Christmas is a family celebration, and this is the time they travel back to you, their parents. Often, even if you have a very close relationship with your child, when they hit adulthood it becomes a little more difficult to be involved in their day-to-day life. So supportive presents are tricky to pick, as you may not know what their current interests are. For these people, it is important to go back to basics and remind them that you still love them, regardless of their age. Family activities, such as organizing a family Christmas photo shooting or playing board games together can sound very simplistic, but they are a source of energy and strength for everyone. They are a reminder of the love that beats in your family and that makes Christmas magical every single time.

For Parents And Grandparents: Love And Care Is All That Counts

If you are lucky and still celebrate Christmas with your parents, and even grandparents, you are probably approaching the festive season with the fond memories of your past Christmas holidays with them. Is it time to make their Christmas special, you ask. Don’t worry. You already have! Your parents and grandparents perceive Christmas as the family celebration that it has always been. What makes it unique to them is spending it with you. So this is a time of gathering together and reminding each other that you love them. You will still find the odd practical present, such as a warm blanket for your grandmother, or an electric whisk for your mother, but they don’t matter as much as being together. Remember the Christmas seasons of your childhood and reinvent them for the occasion: Sing Christmas carol together, decorate gingerbread men with their names on it, bake dinner for them. In short, make time for those you love. That’s what Christmas is about: Enjoying each other’s presence.

For The Single Adults: Go Lucky And Party

Christmas can seem a little disappointing is you celebrate it on your own. Don’t worry. Often the best way to fight the Christmas blues is to travel to an exciting place for the season. Whether you pick Bora Bora or Lapland depends on your tastes, but remember what made your first Christmas exciting. It was the discovery of a new world with its traditions, its tales, and its gastronomy. You can uncover the same excitement when you decide to dive into a new culture for Christmas. Why not learn to ski in the Lapland snow, for example? Nothing is stopping you from finding new joy and excitement to the festive holiday!

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