Going back to work after staying at home with the kids can result in a lot of mixed emotions for moms. You may be looking forward to reigniting your career and feeling like an individual (rather than provider of food and cuddles and general servant!), but what if you’re feeling a bit anxious about leaving those little birds in the nest? With a little thought and organisation, you can help yourself to assuage any guilt or worry you have about going back to work – which means that you can focus on being the amazing wife, mother and career woman that you are!

Getting a great nanny can seem like an almost impossible task. After all, this is the person to whom you will be entrusting your most precious of bundles. Take the time to get to know your nanny before she gets started. A formal interview is a must, but is by no means a comprehensive test of whether or not the candidate is up to the job.

Arrange for your new nanny to spend some time with the kids while you’re elsewhere in the house if needed, or start by leaving her with the children for short periods – during which you should return at random times. Once you’re back at work full-time, give yourself some added reassurance by setting up a nanny camera with audio – this will allow you to keep an eye on things so that you can get on with your day without worrying.

Keep in contact with the kids throughout the day to give everyone peace of mind. All children, from tots who have just started to talk to pre-teens, benefit from being reminded that mom is still around and thinking about their needs. You don’t have to be on the phone constantly, but a quick video chat with little ones at lunchtime or mid-afternoon can be all they need to feel secure and loved. You’ll feel better as well, because you’ll know that they are safe and well.

Maintain the bedtime routine if you can, as this helps to maintain your bond, and allows children to settle down to sleep just as they did before you went back to work. Kids thrive on routine and consistency, so this is a relatively simple way of maintaining that. The result will be more sleep for everyone, including you – and an exhausted mama needs her rest if she is to function properly the next day!

Plan quality time with each child. This could be as simple as taking half an hour out to read their favourite story or play a much-loved game, and allows you to give them much needed individual attention. Children who spend time one-on-one with their mothers are much more secure, and are likely to have higher levels of self-esteem and self-confidence.

Above all else, bin the guilt! You are heading out to provide for your babies, and that is what good mothers do – so stop berating yourself. You can find more ideas on how to worry less and enjoy the kids more by reading this page.

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