The so-called “fish finger years” come to an end so quickly, you’ll wonder where they went. All that time you had in that period scientists call the “latency” vanishes so fast, and once it’s gone, that’s it – it’s gone.

It’s so important to take advantage of this time. It’s a period on which kids mellow and start focusing on the outside world before they become teenagers and all that reverses. Here’s where to take your kids before they turn 10.

The Polar Express Train Ride

The Polar Express train rides are inspired by the classic book and available from more than 30 cities all over the US. These include Durango in Colorado and Williams in Arizona. The train rides usually last about an hour. During the trip, children are read to by an assistant and then they are taken to see Santa himself. For kids, it’s a delightful experience. Most trips provide things like cookies and hot chocolate, as well as gifts from Santa. Costs vary, depending on location. The Polar Express is targeted at children between the ages of four and nine.

A Trip To Lapland

Speaking of Santa, one of the most popular holiday activities for families with children under 10 is a visit to Lapland. Here, in the frozen north of Finland, your kids will get to see where Santa makes all the presents for kids, as well as experience what life is like living in a polar region. Yes, it’s cold: but kids soon forget about that, especially when they see how much snow there is and when they meet the Huskies. There are all sorts of log cabins available, each with cozy warm fires and plenty of places to dry off, should you need to. There’s also the chance to introduce your kids to the Northern Lights, a spectacular display of the sun’s energy, and an opportunity to explain to your children about the Earth’s atmosphere and magnetic field.

Finally, there’s a chance to meet some of the unique Arctic wildlife that stalks the Lapland wilderness. Here you’ll find the great polar bear as well as the elk and the Arctic fox.

The Crayola Experience

If your kids are into art, The Crayola Experience, located about 80 miles from Philadelphia, might be just the thing that they are looking for. Here kids get to create their own digital works of art and then use technology to project them onto a big screen, creating their own miniature exhibit. They can also print out their own labels and use the attraction’s photo booths to take pictures of themselves and then color them in using crayons.

They’ll also get to learn about how crayons were made in an interactive tour. It’s $16 for kids aged 2 and up, free otherwise.

The Colorado Mountains

The Colorado Rockies might seem like an extreme environment for kids, but it’s actually very well served, especially this time of year. The Keystone Resort in the heart of the state is a great place for kids, thanks to the life-sized snow castle and ice slides. Prices for the lift ride start at $48 for children aged 5 or over.

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