I’m sure you heard all the controversial news surrounding Microblading in Vancouver. If you haven’t, you can Google “Microblading Vancouver News” and a list of articles will pop up. Of course, these articles are mostly warnings to potential Microblading customers who are considering getting some sort of semi permanent or permanent make up done.

As with any permanent or semi-permanent procedure, you want to make sure that you are doing your part in researching the technician / cosmetic tattoo artist that is offering you the service. Thankfully, I had an amazing technician that made my experience not only painless but also wonderful. Mandi from Avenue 42 offers her potential clients a great selection of Permanent & Semi Permanent Make Up, however, this time around, I opted for her Microblading service. So of course, I’m sharing my experience to make you all feel reassured about the service.

Here is the Truth About Microblading:

It Takes 2 Hours

If you’re anything like me, you want to know how long you’re going to have to still for. The whole appointment took 2 hours. This includes filling out forms, discussing the procedure, after care, time for the numbing cream to take affect and the actual Microblading procedure.

It Doesn’t Hurt

I’ve heard a few instances where the numbing cream didn’t work on the client and the procedure was painful. If you are one the unlucky few, make sure you communicate with your technician so they are aware.   Lucky, the numbing cream did work on me and I almost fell asleep during the whole service. Be warned, the whole situation will feel a little uncomfortable at first, (somebody else is in your personal space) and you have to relax. Don’t worry though, that feeling will fade away, just remember to relax and you will be great.

You will Look Funny

Before you lay down to get your eyebrows Microbladed, Mandi, will fill in your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil and after you agree to the shape, she will use a blue pen to mark the outline of the eyebrows. This will make it easier for her to Microblade your eyebrows to your desired shape. On top of the outlining she will also, match up your eyebrow colour by placing a shade of brown on the middle of your forehead and after she matches the shade, she will wipe away any residue. NOTE: the shade will appear darker at first, but will lighten up as your eyebrows heal (usually 7-10 days).

You’re Going to Itch

Remember, Microblading is the action of “feathering” strokes on your eyebrows to make them look fuller. So, naturally when your eyebrows start to heal you will feel an itch. Resist the urge! If you scratch your eyebrows the pigmentation will lighten up or fall off (if you’ve gotten a tattoo before, you will know what I’m talking about). Mandi sends you home with a small tube of Vaseline to help ease the itchiness. NOTE: use a Q-tip when applying this to your eyebrows.

The procedure seems scary, but it is actually extremely straightforward. Remember, make sure that your technician is opening up the tools she will be using (from new packaging) in front of you and if you have a weird feeling about it, then don’t do it. Women’s intuition hasn’t failed me yet.

That’s it ! You will have amazing, filled, fleeked eyebrows 🙂 If you are considering getting your eyebrows Microbladed, I highly recommend Mandi from Avenue 42 located in Langley, BC. Mandi is very knowledge and will answer and questions you may have! I will be giving away a Free Microblading session in a couple of days so stay tuned!

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