Let’s all be honest, Mums! Parenthood can sometimes be a little bit of a drag. Singing the same songs, reading the same books and playing the same games is nothing short of frustrating. When things get boring at home, kids start to act up, when kids act up, mums get stressed out and that impacts the kids… you can see the cycle, right? To remedy this situation, planning and organisation are key. Use the kids’ boredom to your advantage and teach them that there is the world around them they won’t have discovered without being bored!

Schools tend to drop weeks of holiday time here and there through the year, which means you have days and sometimes weeks of time to fill up. We are taught that we need to morph into Pinterest-obsessed alpha mums to be able to keep up with the demand of not allowing our kids to get bored for one second. Or do we?

Boredom is so overlooked these days. With such an outcry for entertainment 24/7, parents are expected to spend out for toys and devices to stop kids from noticing the world around them. It’s all well and good to find the best electronics and apps for kids, but screen time isn’t the same as experiencing the world. Unless of course, it’s a rainy day. In this case, iPads are a heaven-sent entertainment system where your kids can indulge on the YouTube universe, painting and spelling games and movie apps where they can watch their favourite films. You can find fantastic apps for those duvet days and getshowboxapp.com is their official website!

Rainy duvet days can be fantastic, but if you see the summer holidays looming that last for six weeks and you need ideas for ways to keep the kids’ brains engaged, adrenaline pumping and energy being used. Boredom is where it’s at. It only takes a couple of weeks of visits to farms, playing with existing toys and screen time for the slow whine of ‘I’m boooooored’ coming from the kids. Play on this! Boredom means they can use their imaginations and create their own games. Remember when you were a kid, and when you had ‘nothing to do’ you made forts out of dining table chairs and duvets? Encourage this! Encourage independent play with things around the house. Play hide and seek, blind man’s bluff and What’s the Time, Mr Wolf.

Show your kids how they can scavenge for nature in the bushes in the gardens around them and if you don’t have a garden, set up scavenger hunts in the house with points for prizes. You can dole out iPads with smart apps – seriously, these are perfect when you have chores to do! – or you can choose to line up imaginative games that will work their minds and expand their creativity.

Entertaining the kids doesn’t have to be stressful, or cost the earth, or mean that you’re scouting Pinterest into the wee hours. It just has to be fun.

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