Hey everyone !

With so many questions being asked about my third pregnancy, I figured it would be a great idea for me to try to document it on my blog. I emphasize on the word try because I don’t want to commit to weekly updates or even monthly! I’m just way too busy chasing after Abel and Jay that I don’t have much determination to make this a “thang” but you never know >.<

With that being said, here is my 18th week bumpdate!


If you been following along, you will know that I’m a huge complainer of Nausea and Fatigue. Those two have made my third pregnancy extremely difficult. BUT good news, it does look like Nausea will be going away in the next week or two(at least I hope). I can’t say the same about my fatigue though 🙁


I finally felt baby move at 16 weeks which is such an incredible feeling and hands down my favourite thing about pregnancy. At first, I was caught off guard, because I keep forgetting I’m pregnant, but once I realized that it was baby, I was happy to say the least. I’ll just let baby doing his/her thang in my womb.


So, I love anything sour. Radishes with lime and salt, the small yellow mangos, raspberries, yogurts, Willy Wonka Sweet Tarts, Sour Green Apple lollipops, and  of course, bean and cheese burritos.

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Maternity Clothes

I’ve been loving my new maternity wear from You! Lingerie, Preggo Leggings, Pink Blush Maternity, and Blanqi Supportwear. All three of these brands provide a great selection for us preggos.

The Maternity Chemise in the colour “hazelnut” from You! Lingerie(the one pictured) allows you to feel comfortable and sexy. I love how soft and breathable the fabric is. I used the Blackcurrant Chemise while I was nursing Abel so pretty happy to be able to use both of these.


We have decided to find out the gender of Baby#3 and impatiently waiting to get the ultrasound done. Of course, I will be revealing the baby’s gender on my blog but you’ll just have to wait to find out 😉

That’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed reading my bumpdate as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Photography by: Four Leaf Photography

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