Have you’ve heard or said the words “your body is a temple?”. Well how about switching up the words to say “Your body is a home?”, “Your body IS powerful” or even better, “You ARE a glowing goddess?”.  As a women in her mid twenties, my body has been the home to two healthy babies (currently cooking baby number three).

I’ve grown them, nurtured them, and yes even, birthed them.

Capture Your Motherly Glow Through Timeless Maternity Photos

It wasn’t until recently that I’ve learned to embrace my pregnancy body and all it’s glory. Yes, pregnancy can be difficult but it can also be beautiful. This pregnancy will most likely be my last and you bet I’m embracing every second of it.

I had this vision in my head for quite sometime. In fact, the concept was simple, to capture my pregnancy glow through timeless maternity photos.

With the help of my close girlfriends, we made it happen.

Keep scrolling to see my favs!

Thank you to Diana of Happy Bees Events & Studios & Shayla of Rose Quartz Make Up for not only being amazing women but for making my vision come true. Love you to bits!

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  • Diana Battung

    I wish I took maternity photos 🙁

  • Salma Dinani

    You look beautiful!

  • Tamara Goyette

    I love that you have taken so many photos this pregnancy. I wish I had taken more during both of mine.

  • Rachel Loza

    These are absolutely GORGEOUS! You are stunning, mama!

  • Catia Holm

    Where did you take these??? They are incredible! Congrats on your growing family. <3

  • Nicole Kamai Couchman

    These photos are beautiful! If I have another baby, I must remember to take more photos!!

  • Alyssa Funk

    You are stunning and glowing! I love all of your photos so much!

  • Tineke F

    These photos are SOOO beautiful girl!! And you are truly glowing.

  • Michelle Olthuis Moehle

    These are stunning