Can you believe that Canada is only 150 years old? As somebody who immigrated to Canada twenty four years ago, that is mind-blowing! To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, I’ve compiled a list of 15 Canadian cities I have either visited or had the pleasure to call home. Keep scrolling to win a FREE nights stay at the Radisson!

First, a little background on yours truly.

I was born in a small village in the country of Guatemala. My family immigrated in Canada in 1993. In the twenty four years that I’ve lived in Canada, I have seen and been to many places. However, never further than Saskatchewan. Which I hope to change soon!

My family moved constantly. As I reflect, I can assure you that I definitely I hated it. Mainly, because I was always the “new girl”. Thinking back, I am now thankful. I have met so many different people and have the happy experiences banked in my memory.

Lover of new experiences and hater of moving, I have accepted what is.

Here are15 Canadian Cities I Have Visited & Lived !

Vancouver {Radisson Available here!}


Bowen Island


Harrison Lake




Edmonton {Radisson Available here!}

Calgary {Radisson Available here!}


Moraine Lake

Lake Louise



Whew! That’s a lot of different cities. Canada offers the best landscapes and national historic parks to visit. I consider myself lucky to live in such a beautiful country. <3

Photo provided by Radisson Hotel

Radisson Hotel and I want you to visit one of these places too! So we are giving away a FREE nights stay for you can explore Canada. Plan your next family vacation at ease with Radisson Hotel.

Giveaway is open to Canada. Must be age of majority. Instructions on redeeming your free night will be given to the winner VIA email.


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  • kristen visser

    Hi hun! I sent a message to you on facebook. I am not sure if you sent an email out to me because I have not received one but a friend let me know they saw my name as the winner. 🙂

  • Em Vee

    I would like to visit Tofino

  • Maryanne E

    We want to go to Montreal!

  • Tofino

  • Jonnie

    I want to visit Halifax

  • dannielle tessier

    OMG this would be quite the experience 🙂 been following Radisson for quite sometime and the luxury they offer is amazing 🙂 would be a dream to stay there even for 1 night …fingers super crossed to take us awayyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Josh

    I would use this when we visit Winnipeg.

  • Sarah Miller

    a weekend in Toronto with my hubby would be lovely

  • I would visit Montreal or Quebec city

  • Holly MacRitchie

    We would visit Fredericton, NB!

  • sarah sar

    I’d love to visit Vancouver one day!

  • Penny Northmore

    I would love to visit Niagara Falls so close & yet so far! Happy 🇨🇦 Day!!

  • Alicia Boisvert-Rutter

    I would love to visit Niagara Falls or St.Catharines Ontario. It’s absolutely stunning out there.

  • I would like to visit Vancouver.

  • Carole D.

    I would love to visit Vancouver! Thank you! So many locations!

  • karla

    I want to visit Vancouver!

  • Heidi C.

    I would love to visit Vancouver!

  • Cheryl H

    I would choose either ottawa or Kingston!

  • Erika Ortega

    Love getting to know more about you. Visiting Canada is still on top of my list. I cannot wait and this post gets me excited. There’s so many places to see!

  • Shannan Panganiban

    I’ve always wanted to come to Canada!!!

  • Kristin Davies

    Such great cities! Love all the Alberta ones (obviously!). lol

  • Hanna

    WOW! 15! Thats a lot of places! Canada is totally on my bucket list! If only hubby could get enough vacation time to go for a decent amount of time!

  • Ashley Peavey

    We aren’t too far from canada and love visiting Vancouver. I really want to visit Banff!

  • Tamara Goyette

    Such a great list of places… Canada sure is filled with beautiful locations.

  • Rachel Loza

    I totally want to visit calgary and vancouver!!

  • I would love to visit Niagara Falls! 🙂

  • Melinda Jana

    would love to visit Banff!

  • Nancy J Montgomery

    I’d like to visit Niagara Falls.

  • kristen visser

    Toronto or Niagara Falls 🙂

  • I am dyiiiiinnnng to go to Banff and Lake Louise! Those are must sees within the next year!!!

  • Aseky Bonnaire

    My sister in law is from Canada (Thunder Bay) and I’ve seen so many pictures and it’s gorgeous! I’d love to visit one day

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    I want to visit Edmonton
    Florence C

  • Brittany Warren

    I am always looking for places to visit and travel to. Thank you for sharing!!

  • ivy pluchinsky

    I’d love to stay in the Winnipeg location!

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    I’d love to stay at the Ottawa Parliament Hill Radisson!