We finally did it guys, we reached the third trimester of this pregnancy! Which calls for a Bumpdate. This time though, it will be a little different.

So… as much as I would love to say that I’m feeling and doing well, the truth is I’m not. This pregnancy is by far the hardest for me, both physically and mentally.

When Pregnancy Isn’t Fun

It’s extremely difficult for me to admit that I’m not 100% enjoying being pregnant. It’s hard to say, because I know so many mama’s struggle to get pregnant, and here I am whining about it. Pregnancy isn’t fun, well at least for me.

It is partially because of all the soreness that has come with it and partially because I thought I would be a pro at it by now. Turns out, I’m not!

The best way to describe the way I’m feeling is. Heavy and slow. That’s normal right?


Swollen feet, achy back, nausea (yes it has returned), heartburn and exhaustion. These are all things, I did not have to deal with during my pregnancy with Jay and barely with Abel. My body has had enough and I’m still 9 weeks away from my due date!

I’m still working 4 days a week and I “break” on Wednesdays. Which has helped A LOT. Sometimes though, I watch Abel during that day and let’s just say, I don’t consider that day a day of “relaxation”.


This baby moves all day everyday. His kicks and punches are starting to hurt though! Come one baby, be nice to mommy!


Nowadays, I’m yearning for chocolate. Specifically, fudgesicles, chocolate milkshakes and dipped ice cream cones from DQ!

Maternity Clothing

I’m still lovings the same brands that I have loved through out my pregnancy. Pink Blush MaternityAu Fait MamaBlanqiPreggo Leggings (as pictured). Also, our shirts are from Charlotte & Ezra and Abel’s shoes are from Pedi Ped Footwear.

I really hope that the days get better for me, but I’m not counting on it. I feel useless and sometimes I cry it out. I can’t keep up with Abel and even driving Jayden around to his after school activities have become too much. I’m trying to “tough it out” and stay at work as long as possible, but we will see.

Thankfully, I have Miguel, my family and friends who have literally picked up the pieces for me whenever I’m feeling down.


Photography by: Four Leaf Photography

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