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October 26, 2017


Remembering a Decade Old Conversation of Teen Pregnancy | Red Rose

11 years ago, I was 15 years old and telling my mom that I was pregnant. I remember exactly how I felt before that difficult conversation. I remember the feelings during and after the words“Mom, I’m pregnant”┬ácame out of my mouth. My mom was horrified, to say the least. Her reaction was overwhelming. If she already didn’t feel like life was unfair, then she definitely did after that. But we pushed on. Remembering a  ...


Why Being Part of Our Breakfast Club deserves a glass of milk | Dairyland

Just a few months ago, while I was still pregnant and working we ran out of time for breakfast at home. I would drop Jayden off every morning at school and be worry-free, as he would enjoy his breakfast there. Even now, I aim to get him there before 9 am so he can eat breakfast, thanks to the Breakfast Club of Canada. He would get to school and enjoy his waffles or bagel with a big glass of milk. They just love their milk (Dairyland is  ...