11 years ago, I was 15 years old and telling my mom that I was pregnant.

I remember exactly how I felt before that difficult conversation. I remember the feelings during and after the words“Mom, I’m pregnant” came out of my mouth.

My mom was horrified, to say the least. Her reaction was overwhelming.

If she already didn’t feel like life was unfair, then she definitely did after that.

But we pushed on.

Remembering a Decade Old Conversation of Teen Pregnancy

I really wish that I could redo that conversation over again.

I was incredibly young and naive to just how hard my life would be like by having a baby in my teens. My mom really had no idea what to expect.

In fact, neither of us did.

She wanted me to give me a “better” opportunity at life. This was the main reason why my family immigrated to Canada from our home country of Guatemala.

Little did she know that I would end up having a baby at the young age of sixteen.

Both my mom and I are would what you would call “fighters”. Women who have overcome adversity. Though it seems that life keeps throwing challenges at us. We overcome, together.

Red Rose Conversations

I had the chance to sit down and reminisce a decade-old conversation with my amazing mom. Who coincidently, introduced me to Red Rose when we were working side by side at a fast food chain, oh so many years ago.

I asked her to remember how she felt at that moment. She used the words, scared, worried, concerned and of course, upset.

We spoke for some time and she then said “I’m proud of you mija. For everything that you’ve accomplished and for never giving up.”.

Although, 10 years ago, the future didn’t seem to bright. Time proved us wrong. And I’m so glad that it did.

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Photography by: Cait Kennedy

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