Alright friends, our family photos are officially here! I don’t know why… but I pictured us holding hands walking in unison. WELL, that thought was quickly shattered because, if any of you met my kids, well… let’s just say that they are a crazy bunch!

cough *Abel* cough.

Family Photos

But no seriously, perhaps it was the time of day or that we had to wake Abel up from a nap. Because he was NOT feeling it at all.

I even picked a location I knew he would love. An open field where he could run around. I did all the right things.. or so I thought! We almost called it quits but I was determined to get them done.

With the help of my good friend Julie from Julie Christine Photography, we managed to get some really great photos that describe our family to a tee

Crazy, wild, & unpredictable

What I’m trying to say here is that you can’t be upset when things go array during your family session. Things are NOT perfect and don’t expect them to be.

My family is and will never be a stand and smile kind of family. I’m a boy mom for crying out loud. Things will get crazy and I’m ok with that.

Crazy is sometimes good..right? 😉

What we wore

Moms entire outfit from Muse Fashion

Abel & Isaiah’s overalls from Lil Haven Co

Abel’s moccasins from Minimoc

Isaiah’s sweater from Little & Lively

Jayden’s outfit from H&M

Miguel’s shirt from Jax & Lennon

Large Mat from Gathre in the colour Ginger

Scroll down to view the photos and tell me which ones your favorite!

Photography by: Julie Christine Photography


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  • Diana Battung

    Loved these photos!!!

  • Shirley Rivera

    I love your pictures! I love how it shows all your personalities ❤️ Blessings!!!!

  • Shana Ethier

    I love all these photos! It’s hard to just pick one. I really love the photo of Miguel holding Isaiah in the sun. Also the 4th one where you are all huddled up with the big grins ❤