Three kids, one mom brain. I’m bound to forget something important right?! Thankfully, the new (and free) TELUS Baby Health app has me covered when it comes to the boys’ health.

No more forgetting the little immunization book they give out at the hospital! With the TELUS Baby Health app, you can create a digitized personal health record that keeps track of your children’s health and developmental milestones from birth.

About the TELUS Baby Health App

Were constantly on our phones right? So why wouldn’t you want to keep the important stuff in the palm of your hand via your smartphone or tablet?

Life has gotten extremely busy since adding Isaiah to our family. I’ve literally never brought his immunization book to any of his doctor appointments. It’s been 6 months.

When I heard about the TELUS Baby Health App, I was so relieved. I use my phone all day so downloading the app and having it on my phone seems like second nature.I especially appreciate the fact that I can document all three boys health records.

Having those health records organized on my phone through the app is so helpful. Especially since Jayden has asthma, it gives me the extra peace of mind.

TELUS is partnering with The Baby Box Co.

The Baby Box Co. is a company who distributes Baby Boxes nationally to new and expecting parents. They help Canadian parents get access to more products and educational resources like the Baby Health app.

Want one of your own?

Visit Baby Box University to take the Baby Box University course (under 5 minutes) and receive your own Baby Box.

TELUS Baby Health app Features

Here are some of the health records that you will be able to track using the TELUS Baby Health app. The app also contains a library of curated content from parenting experts.

1. Growth tracker for height, weight and head circumference
2. Immunizations record
3. Medications record
4. Allergy record
5. Emergency contacts
6. Personalized articles as your baby grows
7. Baby developmental milestones

Things to note:

  • the app does not give you automatic notifications regarding missed appointments or vaccinations – it’s simply a way to store all the pertinent details of your baby’s health (height, weight, immunizations, etc.) in one easy-to-access place. You have to input the information yourself.
  • tips and library are tailored to the baby’s first 18 months.

I can’t wait to continue to digitally document all of the boy’s milestones with the TELUS Baby Health App. Download the app today at to learn more. (Now available for Android and iPhone users).

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