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15 Canadian Cities I Have Visited & Lived | Radisson #Canada150

Can you believe that Canada is only 150 years old? As somebody who immigrated to Canada twenty four years ago, that is mind-blowing! To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, I’ve compiled a list of 15 Canadian cities I have either visited or had the pleasure to call home. Keep scrolling to win a FREE nights stay at the Radisson! First, a little background on yours truly. I was born in a small village in the country of Guatemala. My  ...


6 Ways To Love Your Legs During Pregnancy | #SchickAmbassador

As I enter the third trimester of my third pregnancy, I’m noticing that the subtle changes that are talked about early on are becoming more apparent. My hips are getting wider, my thighs are getting thicker and my ankles are becoming one with my feet. Learning to love your legs during pregnancy is easier said than done. #LoveYourLegs Leg cramps, varicose veins, swollen feet, are just a few symptoms that come along with pregnancy.  ...


The Working Mans Crossroad | Guest Post

As Father’s Day approaches, I thought it would be great idea to have a guest post up from a “Father’s point of view”. This particular passage is written by a close friend of mine. These are his words. They explain his truth, as a Father and a working man. So without further ado, here’s the working mans crossroad. The Working Man We are all faced with that one difficult decision that ultimately impacts our daily  ...


When Pregnancy Isn’t Fun – Bumpdate | 31 Weeks

We finally did it guys, we reached the third trimester of this pregnancy! Which calls for a Bumpdate. This time though, it will be a little different. So… as much as I would love to say that I’m feeling and doing well, the truth is I’m not. This pregnancy is by far the hardest for me, both physically and mentally. When Pregnancy Isn’t Fun It’s extremely difficult for me to admit that I’m not 100% enjoying  ...


The Language of Technology, 5 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Child Learn It | Level Up Kids

How many times have you said “get off the Ipad!” or “Hey, look up, you’re missing out on life?” to your kid? Raising a child in this new world has come with its challenges. Challenges that I also get caught up in. As a blogger, I’m constantly checking my smartphone or laptop and getting lost in technology (does that sound familiar to any of you?). Which, to be frank, sort of makes me feel like a bit of a  ...


On The Hunt For A New Family Vehicle | 2017 Ford Escape

When I first told Miguel that I was pregnant for the third time, his first words were “We need a new car!” Ok, ok, he obviously said other things first, but I swear this statement was uttered a few sentences into our conversation. Looking for a new family vehicle didn’t even come to mind until AFTER Miguel mentioned it. Clearly, we have different priorities. 2017 Ford Escape He was right though, we would need a new SUV.  ...

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Styling The Bump: 25 to 30 weeks

Welcome to another round of Styling the Bump! To be honest, it’s been getting harder for me style this bump based on comfort, especially in this heat! We hit 30ºC this past weekend and for all my US readers that’s 86 ºF! That’s hot!! (well at least for moi!). Thankfully, I live in Vancouver, BC, where the weather is constantly changing, so I was able to sneak in outfits where I could wear my leather jacket and pants! So  ...


Capture Your Motherly Glow Through Timeless Maternity Photos

Have you’ve heard or said the words “your body is a temple?”. Well how about switching up the words to say “Your body is a home?”, “Your body IS powerful” or even better, “You ARE a glowing goddess?”.  As a women in her mid twenties, my body has been the home to two healthy babies (currently cooking baby number three). I’ve grown them, nurtured them, and yes even, birthed them.  ...


Trying to Find Balance In My Everyday Life | Intuition Effect #SchickAmbassador

People often ask me “how do you do it all?”  The truth is, I don’t. Dishes go unwashed, laundry piles up and our family eats dinner out at least once a week. Life has been crazy lately. Working full time as a legal assistant, running my social media accounts, my blog, dealing with my health, and making time for my family is exhausting. Now add being 6 and a half months pregnant to the mix, you bet, I’m constantly  ...