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Lindsay Young Nutrition Giveaway!

I am super excited to share this next prize with you all! Let’s take a break from all baby/kid prizes and focus on mama [or papa!] ! When I gathered all these awesome shops together I wanted variety ! That is why you will see so many different prizes! Today, the prizes will be aimed towards mamas! One lucky mama [or papa] will receive a free 50-minute private nutrition coaching intro session via Skype or phone, valued at $185.  You  ...

For The Babes, Giveaways

Kewe Clothing Giveaway!

Another late post! Sorry y’all! mommy duties call and plus I’m still recovering from my tooth extraction yesterday [owie!]! lLet’s get right to business, keeping up with kid apparel theme, I am introducing our 6th shop, www.keweclothing.com ! Another Canadian shop owned by my friend Angela! Angela has kindly offered to giveaway a $25 shop credit to one of my amazing followers! Entering is super easy! Just scroll down and  ...

For The Babes, Giveaways

My.M.co Giveaway!

Posting twice a day for 10 days is getting tiring guys! BUT I knew what I signed up for and I am sooo thankful that I have all these shops sponsoring my giveaways 🙂 I am motivated to get through this giveaway series with my hair still attached to my head and my arms and legs still attached to my body! Speaking of arms and legs ! What are those things called … we tend to put our babies in them  and sometimes ourselves ? …. oh YA!  ...

For The Babes, Giveaways

Bebe de Luxe Giveaway!

It’s late I know! Please forgive me! I head a tooth extracted this afternoon [I KNOW it did suck!] and had the worse headache ! However, I did not want to let you guys down, so here I am again to introduce another rad shop to you! I have no idea why I am using the exclamation mark so much! I am just so excited – or maybe it’s the pain killers? -HA! The second giveaway comes from dear friend of mine [who I met VIA  ...

For The Mamas, Giveaways

Twine Abode Giveaway!

Ladies and Gents [yes gents can enter my giveaways!], this next shop is seriously killing it when it comes to unique home fragrances and body care lines! I personally own the entire Honey & Milk collection [smells soooo yummy!]. Not only do the products provide an amazing scent but when I use the linen spray and the candles I feel  at ease knowing that the products are safe for my babies ! Jenn and Leah, the owners of Twine Abode,  are  ...

For The Babes, Giveaways

Gilbys by Alannah Giveaway!

OMG! [two giveaways in one day?!] For you guys, I’ll do anything! I will be hosting two [yes thats right,TWO giveaways] a day for the next 10 days! So make sure you come back every day to see what awesome shop is being featured that day! The second shop that I’ve teamed up with is owned by  Alannah, the name behind Gilbys by Alannah, and she is generously giving away a $25 shop credit to one of my awesome readers!!! Entering is  ...

For The Babes, Giveaways

My Fallen Star Giveaway!

It’s finally here!! I am so so so excited for my first giveaway series. In this Series you will have the chance to win 20 different items! Each day I will be adding an item that YOU have the chance to win! Today, Cierra Larsen of www.myfallenstar.com has generously offered to giveaway one of her sugar skull T-shirts (size 6 months to 12 youth)!  This tee is unisex so you can either dress it up with  black tutu or your son can wear some  ...

For The Mamas, Style & Beauty

Style x Raisingjayandabel – Eshakti

Alright mamas [and of course non-mamas], this ones for you. Ever since I gave birth to Abel, I haven’t felt the same about myself. I’ve been dressing in the “mom uniform” pretty much every single day, except for “special occasions”. Not being able to fit into my “pre-pregnancy” clothes has been a huge personal struggle for me [more on that later] and you will never catch me in a pair of jeans.  ...

For The Mamas, Motherhood

5 questions I have been asked about being a Teen Mom

Over the past 8 years I’ve transitioned from being a teen mom, to a young mom, to just mom.  I’ve always felt that society has categorized me of my mom status based on my age and it got me thinking about all the questions I’ve encountered since becoming a teen mom. Some of the questions are just uncalled for and I don’t know why people think that it is ok to ask them! Nonetheless, I decided to share the most repeated  ...