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10 Influencer Sites For Canadian Bloggers

Oh EM GEE you guys!!! I cannot believe that its already been TWO years since I started my blog, it sounds so cliché but two years have gone by so quickly. I can’t believe we made it. There were so many times where I wanted to throw in the towel and say F%CK it to it all. But if you know me, I’m not the type to give up so easily, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. After two years, I defintely feel that I’ve grown as a  ...


6 Things I’ll Be Totally Ok With When I Become a Third Time Mom | #ForBetterBeginnings

Let’s be real here, being a third time mom is probably going to be a gong show. Well…at least for the first couple of months. Not only is it a change for me but it will also be a whole new world for Jayden and Abel, where they’re both adjusting to their new roles of being big brothers. We’re hoping that PlaytexBaby’s new DC Super Friends™ mealtime sets help Abel easily transition into “big bro”  ...

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Styling The Bump: 15 to 19 Weeks

I feel like its been forever since I’ve updated y’all on my bump! But in reality you can find all the bumpy goodness on my Instagram. So, if you’re ever wondering how I’m doing or how the boys are doing, just look us up on Instagram and you will be sure to find some updates! Styling the bump this time around has been fairly easy. Being pregnant isn’t new to me and I know the styles I like and the styles I  ...

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It Starts With You | Roma Boots Canada

Growing up in an immigrant family, with parents that hardly spoke English, was tough to say the least. We had nothing, constantly moved, and our outfits usually came from Value Village. Oddly enough, the Village is now one of my go to spots. We also donate clothing and food to families in need because it starts with you. I’m very selective with who I partner with and when I read that Roma Boots gave back to the country that my family  ...

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Bumpdate | 18 weeks

Hey everyone ! With so many questions being asked about my third pregnancy, I figured it would be a great idea for me to try to document it on my blog. I emphasize on the word try because I don’t want to commit to weekly updates or even monthly! I’m just way too busy chasing after Abel and Jay that I don’t have much determination to make this a “thang” but you never know >.< With that being said, here is  ...


Announcing My Partnership With Schick Intuition | #SchickAmbassador

I can’t believe that we are already in the third month of 2017! So many exciting things have happened and the positivity train is still chugging along. I’m happy to announce my  official partnership with Schick Intuition Canada!! This exciting new venture stems from being a mother but also a woman. I try my hardest to be open and honest with you on my blog but where there is openness, there is also vulnerability. This is true  ...

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To The Overworked Mother, I See You & You’re Not Alone

This post wasn’t planned and I actually just decided to pull out the laptop and write, from the heart, because at this very moment, I need to explain my own thoughts to myself. You will often see me smiling and laughing on my Instagram photos, but if you watch my stories, you see me, make up free, hair in a bun, pregnant mama who 99.9% of the time keeps it real. To The Overworked Mother, I See You & You’re Not Alone Being a  ...


Am I Enough Mom For You | #forbetterbeginnings & Giveaway !

PlaytexBaby encourages moms to be genuine and not “picture perfect” because real life isn’t. As the next few months start to unfold, I fear that I won’t be “mom” enough for the two boys that are already earth side. Though fear is normal in motherhood, I know that I won’t be given what I can’t handle. I know I’m a good mom but why can’t I be a great mom? You know, the moms that don’t yell or get frustrated  ...

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Always Choose Kindness | Pink Shirt Day #METMakeNice

Do you remember the last time you choose kindness over hate ? I do. People tend to recognize my social media presence to be kind, loving and real. But the truth is, I wasn’t always the type of person to look at the glass half full over half empty. Actually, I’ve been both the bully, as well as, the bullied. As a teenager, I wasn’t the happiest. After I had Jayden, I lost many “friends” and had to do grow pretty  ...