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Eyes on the Road: How & Why You Need to Invest in a Dash Cam | BlackboxMyCar

Let’s dive into the world of Dashcams why don’t we? The topic of car accessories, other than which car seat to purchase, aren’t really discussed in the “mom” realm. My question is why isn’t it? Since going on maternity leave, I’ve become the parent that does all the pickups and dropoffs. I sit and wait in traffic. I pick up the groceries. I’m basically a part-time chauffeur and I, obviously,  ...

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7 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Pumpkin Patch Visit

Fall is here, and what does that mean? It means that we’re waving goodbye to long summer nights and saying hello to changing leaves, crispy weather and layers. With Fall comes outings and we’ve already crossed a few off our lists, like our yearly visit to the pumpkin patch. The best kind of pumpkin patches are the ones that have tons of activities for the kids. For example, farm animals, corn mazes, sunflowers, tractor rides and  ...


How to Make Your Stubborn Toddler Eat | #ForBetterBeginnings #PlaytexMoms

We all have one, raised one, or maybe one of your friends has told you about theirs? What am I referring to? A stubborn toddler that refuses to eat. As a #Playtexmom, I find comfort knowing that I’m not alone in my struggle. Abel will be turning three at the end of December and for as long as I can remember, he’s been a stubborn toddler. He is what you would call a “wild child” and he definitely marches to the beat of  ...

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Buckle Up Baby | Nuna Pipa Review

Can we talk about car seats and how much they’ve changed over the past 10 years? Which, I am, of course, thankful for! Nowadays, consumers don’t want to sacrifice style for functionality. The Nuna Pipa provides a sleek yet functional car seat for both you and your baby. Review Being a mom for 10 years, I’ve seen plenty of trends come and go. This holds true when it comes to baby gear. However, you can be certain that  ...


Say cheese! The good, bad, and ugly of trying to take family photos

Alright friends, our family photos are officially here! I don’t know why… but I pictured us holding hands walking in unison. WELL, that thought was quickly shattered because, if any of you met my kids, well… let’s just say that they are a crazy bunch! cough *Abel* cough. Family Photos But no seriously, perhaps it was the time of day or that we had to wake Abel up from a nap. Because he was NOT feeling it at all. I  ...


How to Select the Right Baby Carrier For You | Babywearing Week

So you’re probably thinking, “okay, how does babywearing help you and which baby carrier do you prefer?! ” Well, you’re in luck, because I’m going to spill all the babywearing beans today! Babywearing Made Parenting Easier For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been afraid to babywear. Probably because I knew nothing about it. Plus, 10 years ago, babywearing wasn’t so mainstream as it is now.  ...

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Growing Your Family With Valco Baby Snap Ultra Stroller | Giveaway

We’ve been enjoying our Valco Baby Snap Ultra stroller for about 7 months. I used the Snap Ultra, throughout my pregnancy, as a forward-facing stroller for Abel. Now that Isaiah is here, I have reversed the seat and use it as lay down stroller. Because Abel is a slow walker, we have added the Valco Baby “hitchhiker” for convenience. Growing Your Family With Valco Baby Snap Ultra Stroller When growing your family, you need  ...


What Being a “Boy Mom” Really Means | The Libman Company #Liveforthemoments

What does being a “boy mom” really mean? It means that farts, burps and going to the washroom with the door open are the norm in your house. Yelling “get that out of your mouth!”, “don’t touch that!” and “What did I say about the toilet seat!”, are repeated on a daily basis. Embrace Life’s Messes With the constant messes and spills, I’ve decided that I have to live for the  ...


Frogs Leap But So Do Their Minds – Why LeapFrog Academy™ Is the Best Alternative

Can I let you in on a little secret? LeapFrog Academy™ has been a complete lifesaver for me. In the past couple of weeks, Jayden has gone back to school, Miguel started working at a new hotel, and I entered a new chapter of motherhood. Let me tell you, staying at home with two littles is not for the faint of heart, and to be honest, you can’t do it alone. Heres Why LeapFrog Academy Is the Best Alternative Over the summer, Abel grew up.  ...