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Embracing a new journey

Good morning fellow underdogs!! What a great way to start a new work week then by writing for my favourite person and one of my favourite stores, Poplar & Co!! I was one of the lucky few who was chosen to write for them and am I ever excited to start this new journey! This week you will be getting to know each and every one of us ladies. We will all be contributing in different ways but one thing we have in common is that we route for  ...


Travelling with a breastfeeding infant (ROADtrip)

Have you ever wondered what it is like travelling with a baby? How about a breastfed baby? If you don’t plan ahead then the overall experience will make you run the other way! I recently just did a 24 hour road trip to Calgary Alberta (there and back). Thankfully, I was able to prepare and plan ahead! Of course, you can’t anticipate everything, but the more you plan the better the trip will be for you, your baby, and the people  ...

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Breastfeeding in Public

I definitely knew that the second time around, of being a mother to a newborn, was going to be different. In EVERY aspect. One of which was breastfeeding. I only breastfed Jayden for a couple months because I had to go back to school, but, with Abel, I was determined that wasn’t going to be the case. Before I even gave birth to Abel, I read up on the benefits of breastfeeding and how to be successful. A HUGE osbtacle that I had to get  ...


Jaydens Birth Story

Hi friends!! I’ve been having such an amazing time with my family these past few days that I haven’t found the time to blog. If you know me, you know I like to fill my days and keep myself busy…because if I’m stuck at home I will go crazy! Especially now, being on Maternity Leave for the first time ever.. ­čśÇ I┬áunfortunately ┬ádidn’t have the luxury of┬ástaying at home with Jayden when he was born (Boooo :P). I  ...


Teen mom OG

Hey guys!! First off, thank you to all the people who took the time to read my “20 Facts” post! I received incredible feed back ­čśÇ This post is a little bit more serious… I decided to write about my experience as a Teen mom. Many of you reading know…or found out by reading my last post that my oldest son, Jayden Ray, was born when I was 16 years old… automatically classifying me as a quote on quote “Teen  ...

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20 facts about me

I was going to do a whole blog post “About Me” but then I saw these “20 facts” posts on Instagram and I thought hey why not just take the easy way and do that …SO here it goes … PERSONAL: 1. My name is Heydy Lopez 2. I am 23 years old (turning 24 in August) 3. I was born in Guatemala but I was brought to Canada when I was a year and half. 4. I’m the eldest of 3. I have a younger sister (22 years old  ...

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I’ve been on the fence about starting a blog for awhile. I originally wanted to start blogging during my pregnancy. However, my busy work and home schedule put this idea on the back burner. My morning sickness and constant nausea throughout my pregnancy also played a factor. Now that I am on maternity leave for 15 months and that my newborn is a little older (10 weeks to be exact) I have slowly been able to establish a routine and make  ...