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Disaster Prevention: Taking Your Kids to a Wedding

Taking your kids to a wedding: yes or no? If the happy couple is allowing children to attend, it could immediately improve your chances of attending. You won’t have to find a babysitter, making everything a little easier. However, maybe it’s not such a good idea for the kids to go after all. Is it easier for them or even all of you to stay at home? If you’re contemplating taking the kids to a wedding, there are a few things  ...

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The Little Touches That Are Just As Important As The Big Stuff On Your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding involves many major decisions. It also involves little ones. Put the big stuff aside for now and focus on those little touches. They may not seem so important, but it’s the small touches that make a wedding. The little bits are the personal additions that make your wedding unique. It’s these that people remember when they look back on the day, so it’s crucial you get them right! Here are some small touches you should  ...

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How To Keep The Smile On Baby’s Face During Your Wedding Day

It’s important that your wedding day looks perfect in every way. If you already have a baby, factor in how they fit in with the day too. You may have a lot to consider, but taking the time to work out what’s going to happen with your little one is crucial. This is a big day for them too, even if they won’t remember it when they’re older. Inviting your baby into the festivities can be a great addition to an already romantic day. The trick is  ...

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The Importance Of Appearance. Making Sure Your Wedding Day Looks Perfect

There are many major decisions to make during the wedding planning stage. One thing that will set your day off on sound footing is getting decoration right. Proper planning is key to avoiding any decorative disasters come the time. You’ll be given the chance to view any wedding and event venues. Taking pictures of your venue during your visit can be a real help in ensuring your rooms look great! Take time to consider your decor. Aim to get  ...

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Important Things You Need To Ask When Choosing A Wedding Photographer!

One of the top things you will look back at over the years from the wedding is the photos. They are treasured memories that you will be able to keep forever and show your kids and grandkids. Therefore, making sure you choose the right wedding photographer is crucial. You need to make sure you feel a connection with them when you meet them for the first time. They will be around for the majority of the day, so you need to ensure you feel  ...

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Fantastic Hacks To Help You Get Ready In The Morning

Getting the whole family ready to leave the house on time in the morning can be a lot of work. You will need to sort your makeup out, give the kids their breakfast and make sure they are all ready for school. It can end up the most stressful part of the day! But there are a few things you can do to help you all get ready in plenty of time. These fantastic hacks may help you. Get Your Clothes Ready The Evening Before Don’t wait until the  ...

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The Major Decisions You Need To Make For Your Wedding

If you have recently become engaged, then first of all: congratulations! Now is an exciting time – one of the most exciting in your life, in fact. But it is also a time of serious preparation, and – let’s be honest – it can get stressful. Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and effort. Most people usually find that there is a lot more involved in the process than they had expected. The truth is, the earlier you start  ...

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Dream Proposal Ideas, Guys Take Notes!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks about the perfect proposal. Forget about how you look when you walk down the aisle. Or, whether your guests enjoy themselves at the reception. The dream wedding starts with the perfect proposal. Don’t forget, unless you’re proposed to the right way; you’re not going to say yes. Sure, a proposal isn’t everything if you love the person, you’re with. You might say yes even if they just say “shall we just  ...

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How To Plan A Renewal Of Vows Ceremony

Marriage is really tough to get right. It takes years of practice and tweaking the details to make it work. Patience and determination from both sides are essential. And as the years go by, life will do its best to upset the balance of your happy relationship. But love will persevere. And soon you’ll be wondering where all those years went!A big anniversary is definitely something worth celebrating. And what better way to celebrate a  ...

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How To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring

Like your wedding day, the day you get engaged is one of the most memorable days of your life. It’s something you never forget. Traditionally the proposal is accompanied by an engagement ring. This is either purchased in secret by the groom-to-be, or it is chosen by the couple. It can be a challenge to find the perfect ring. Such a small piece of jewelry signifies so much. It is a token of the love you share. It is also something that the  ...