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Styling The Bump: 35 to 37 Weeks

The night before I went into labor I posted this photo on Facebook with the caption “No signs of labor but both of us are doing well!”. Little did I know that would be the last bump photo I would share. I really wanted to post another installment of Styling The Bump before Isaiah was born but, he had other plans. Since his surprise delivery, I’ve been lost in the newborn fog and let me tell yah, this mama hasn’t been  ...

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Styling The Bump: 25 to 30 weeks

Welcome to another round of Styling the Bump! To be honest, it’s been getting harder for me style this bump based on comfort, especially in this heat! We hit 30ºC this past weekend and for all my US readers that’s 86 ºF! That’s hot!! (well at least for moi!). Thankfully, I live in Vancouver, BC, where the weather is constantly changing, so I was able to sneak in outfits where I could wear my leather jacket and pants! So  ...

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Styling the Bump: 20 to 24 weeks

Welcome to another round of Styling the Bump! Hopefully you enjoy even though it is going up a couple weeks late. Blame it on the baby brain. I had a lot of fun searching for pieces that I thought would look great together (without trying them on!). While I was shopping, I kept a few things in mind. Comfortability Affordability Stretch Style My personal style usually leans to comfort but in honour of embracing my pregnancy body, I stepped  ...

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When Tulips Blossom | Tulips of the Valley

It was a cloudy spring morning when this mama woke up at 6am to drive one hour to Chilliwack, BC to visit the Tulips of the Valley. Myself and a whole lotta bloggers gathered together to have breakfast in the tulips fields hosted by Sequel Events . We were told to bring our gumboots and boy was I ever happy that I did. The mud didn’t stop us from snapping some photos It was great catching up with other mama bears (child-free), sipping  ...

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Bumpdate | 24 weeks

Hello one, Hello all!! It’s been 6 weeks since I’ve lasted updated you on my bump, which you can find over here: Bumpdate | 18 weeks. Lets just say that theres been a few changes, so I felt that it was only necessary to update you. With that being said, here is my 24 week bumpdate! Symptoms: Good news, nausea is gone! Yahooo!! Bad news, my dear friend heartburn has her appearance and wont go away, wah. I also have hamstring  ...

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Styling The Bump: 15 to 19 Weeks

I feel like its been forever since I’ve updated y’all on my bump! But in reality you can find all the bumpy goodness on my Instagram. So, if you’re ever wondering how I’m doing or how the boys are doing, just look us up on Instagram and you will be sure to find some updates! Styling the bump this time around has been fairly easy. Being pregnant isn’t new to me and I know the styles I like and the styles I  ...

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It Starts With You | Roma Boots Canada

Growing up in an immigrant family, with parents that hardly spoke English, was tough to say the least. We had nothing, constantly moved, and our outfits usually came from Value Village. Oddly enough, the Village is now one of my go to spots. We also donate clothing and food to families in need because it starts with you. I’m very selective with who I partner with and when I read that Roma Boots gave back to the country that my family  ...

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Bumpdate | 18 weeks

Hey everyone ! With so many questions being asked about my third pregnancy, I figured it would be a great idea for me to try to document it on my blog. I emphasize on the word try because I don’t want to commit to weekly updates or even monthly! I’m just way too busy chasing after Abel and Jay that I don’t have much determination to make this a “thang” but you never know >.< With that being said, here is  ...

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The Truth About Microblading | Avenue 42

I’m sure you heard all the controversial news surrounding Microblading in Vancouver. If you haven’t, you can Google “Microblading Vancouver News” and a list of articles will pop up. Of course, these articles are mostly warnings to potential Microblading customers who are considering getting some sort of semi permanent or permanent make up done. As with any permanent or semi-permanent procedure, you want to make sure  ...

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Su Casa Spa Fort Langley Review & Giveaway

Funny fact… I’ve lived in Vancouver for most of my life and I actually never heard of Fort Langley until a couple years ago. When I finally decided to venture out of metro Vancouver, I found out what I was missing. If you don’t already know, Fort Langley is a National Historic Site that welcomes tourists from all over the world (kicking myself for not driving 30 minutes to see what I was missing!).  If you don’t  ...