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Feel Smooth With Schick® Intuition® Razor & Win $100 Dollars !

I think it’s safe to say that I’m not the one that hates shaving – especially during pregnancy! Like really…. bending, stretching and pretty much contorting myself to shave place I can no longer see… no gracias. Even after pregnancy….being a women in general is strenuous. I personally have to thread my eyebrows every 3 – 4 weeks or I’ll look like a mammoth. And don’t event get me started  ...

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How This Mama Is Pampering Herself With Groupon

#Groupon #ad Hello my lovely readers! Today, I will be quickly sharing how this mama is pampering herself with Groupon. As many of you know, I have been making a lot of changes in my life and one of those chances has been refusing to pay full price for things that just aren’t considered a “need” but more of a “want” in our society. This can include variety of different things like pedicures, manicures, eyebrow  ...

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Do You Know What’s In Your Make Up ? Jane Iredale Sure Does!

It’s so easy to get caught up with brand names, packaging and prices…..but have you ever thought and asked yourself what is inside of the mascara, foundation or lipstick that you are putting on your face ? I am guilty of not knowing and thank goodness I am now able to be informed about my make up ! Let’s face it. I’m not getting any younger and the older I get, the more aware I am of my skin and what  kind of products  ...

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How To Use Rodan + Fields & Video !

Hey Everyone !! Today on the blog I decided to do something different and add a video to this review! So I think technically this is a “vlog” ?! It’s all new to me so I can’t wait to start doing more and providing you with video reviews. My first Youtube Video is “How To Use Rodan + Fields”. I am sure many of you have heard about Rodan + Fields and have always wondered about it. How does it work ? What  ...

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Meet & Greet With Pure Pit Balm – Natural Deodorant & Giveaway

As I continue to look for natural and healthy alternatives to help me relax and feel stronger, I came across Pure Pit Balm, a natural and organic deodorant. At first, I was confused at the product. A deodorant that does not come on a stick ?! Well, I never! Intrigued, I did some more research and found some really disturbing facts. I will not go into it on my blog but if you are interested in finding out a little more of what the  ...

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The Most Comfortable Pair Of Platform Heels You’ll Ever Own From GEOX Shoes

As many of you lovely readers know, blogging isn’t my full time gig. A side from mothering Jayden & Abel, I work out of the home, full time, as a Legal Administrative Assistant, here in Vancouver, BC. My desk is constantly full of paperwork, filing, records, invoices and all that scary stuff that make some minds go crazy. A lot of people think that working in an office is a drag, but it doesn’t have to be.  Life is what you  ...

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Start Seeing Clear Again With Polette Eyewear, Review & Giveaway

Finding out that I had to wear glasses was a huge hit to my ego. I never in a million years thought that I would be one of the “four eyed” humans. Thankfully, I was able to get over the initial hurt and start accepting this new change. If I was going to have to wear glasses to start to see clear, then I was going to make sure that I had a trendy pair to choose from. The first thing I wanted to do was find a pair of stylish eye  ...

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Apollo Moc, The Perfect Toddler Shoe !

Hey Mamas, Can we talk about how difficult it is to find the perfect toddler shoe?! I actually prefer velcro over lace up shoes, especially when it comes to Abel. We have an active, healthy, 19 month year old boy who keeps us on our toes..literally. We were on the hunt for the perfect toddler shoe to go along with our perfect toddler and I think we found them! Here are 5 Reasons Why We love Our Apollo Mocs from Native Shoes: Easy to put on  ...

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Fantastic Hacks To Help You Get Ready In The Morning

Getting the whole family ready to leave the house on time in the morning can be a lot of work. You will need to sort your makeup out, give the kids their breakfast and make sure they are all ready for school. It can end up the most stressful part of the day! But there are a few things you can do to help you all get ready in plenty of time. These fantastic hacks may help you. Get Your Clothes Ready The Evening Before Don’t wait until the  ...

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This Mama Is Feeling Pretty with Chi Chi London Niomi

I received some of these items from Chi Chi London Clothing in exchange for an honest review. Please read my Disclaimer Page for more information. The first thing I thought when I opened up my package from Chi Chi London was “Oh Em Gee” it is soooo girly! I mean really girly. There was so much personality to this dress that I almost wanted to send it back and stick to what I know. Then, I remembered that I went with Niomi because  ...