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This Mama Is Feeling Pretty with Chi Chi London Niomi

I received some of these items from Chi Chi London Clothing in exchange for an honest review. Please read my Disclaimer Page for more information. The first thing I thought when I opened up my package from Chi Chi London was “Oh Em Gee” it is soooo girly! I mean really girly. There was so much personality to this dress that I almost wanted to send it back and stick to what I know. Then, I remembered that I went with Niomi because  ...

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Five Ways You Can Create The Perfect Makeup Look

Makeup can be an art. When applied correctly it can enhance your features and give you a sense of confidence. It can be a lot of fun creating new looks. One day you may wear a wonderful vibrant red lipstick, the next you may rock the nude lip and natural look. Makeup can enhance your outfit. This can be anything from workwear through to an evening dress at a cocktail party. You tailor what you wear to make you feel good. So I thought I would  ...

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Pamper Yourself with Lash Extensions from Double Take Studio & Giveaway !

I received free Lash Extension service from Double Take Studio in exchange for an honest review, please read my Disclaimer page for further information. All opinions are my own. Alright ladies, [mamas and non-mamas], this ones for you. You guys already know, how busy my days are. With the two kids, my full time job, the blog, family and friends, my days are packed to the brim. So anything that will reduce my “getting ready” time  ...

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3 Unique Ways To Style Your Pearls

If you thought pearls were only worn by your Grandma, think again. With fashion designers using them to bring a sophisticated edge to their designs, they are more popular than ever. Once only worn by royalty, pearls come in an array of shapes, colours and sizes. Their versatility is one reason why the fashion industry continues to use them and they can work with almost any style. You can wear them with your favourite denim jacket to a summer  ...

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7 Things You Need for a Luxury Style Wedding

Do you want a wedding that screams ‘luxury’? Planning a luxury wedding can be a lot of work, and cost a lot of money. However, there are a few ways you can have the luxury wedding of your dreams without going broke. Whatever your budget, there will be a tip in this guide you can use. Here are 7 things you need for a luxury style wedding: Beautiful Flowers and Greenery A luxury style wedding always needs beautiful flowers. However, something  ...

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The Most Unique Wedding Traditions

Weddings are one of the most special events in the world, but these traditions really do just put the cherry on the (wedding) cake! Learn more about these unique wedding traditions from Congo, Germany, China, Australia, Sweden, and Philippines . You might even find inspiration for your own big day! Philippines Typically, the wedding ceremony includes the celebration of an hour-long mass or some sort of religious service. Rituals include,  ...

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Four Types of Rings Every Girl Wants

Rings are a favourite piece of jewellery for many girls. They can look elegant and chic while bringing some glitz to your outfit. Some rings can mean more than others, though.  Did you know that certain rings carry significant meanings? As well as being statement jewellery, they can also hold special symbolism. It’s not just wedding and engagement rings that signify something about the wearer. Here are the four most popular types of rings  ...

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Style x Raisingjayandabel – Shop Pink Blush

I’ll admit, being a mom to two little boys I tend to get lost in all the casual, comfy, boyfriend looks that are offered to us ladies nowadays [I mean who else loves matching with their littles?]. Now, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, trust me, If I could wear an oversized sweater,with leggings , and combat boots everyday, I would. BUT, every once in a while I like to undo the mom bun and get a little girly.  ...

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Aibi watch review & giveaway

Hello Darlings!!! So remember that sneak peak I posted on my Instagram  5 days ago about the pretty amazing prize you could win? Well my friends, the wait is over!! Have you ever heard of Aibi watches?!! If not, head over to the site aibiwatch.com and take a look at all the beautiful  watches they have to offer! (Aibi watch sent me this watch in exchange for an honest review, please read my  disclaimer page for more information.) Did you  ...

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My 5 minute make up routine for busy mamas

Hey Mamas! If your anything like me and rarely wear any make up and need a quick and natural make up routine for your “every once in a while look” then this one is definitely for you! Over time [ and I mean a loooong time] I have been able to establish a make up routine that works for me. To tell you the complete and honest truth I am definitely a make up addict.I mean who can resist those  Urban Decay Naked Palettes ?! I sure  ...