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Alright mamas [and of course non-mamas], this ones for you. Ever since I gave birth to Abel, I haven’t felt the same about myself. I’ve been dressing in the “mom uniform” pretty much every single day, except for “special occasions”.┬áNot being able to fit into my “pre-pregnancy” clothes has been a huge personal struggle for me [more on that later] and you will never catch me in a pair of jeans.  ...

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Breastfeeding in Public

I definitely knew that the second time around, of being a mother to a newborn, was going to be different. In EVERY aspect. One of which was breastfeeding. I only breastfed Jayden for a couple months because I had to go back to school, but, with Abel, I was determined that wasn’t going to be the case. Before I even gave birth to Abel, I read up on the benefits of breastfeeding and how to be successful. A HUGE osbtacle that I had to get  ...