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One for All Stroller | UPPAbaby VISTA Review

Well, you asked and I answered. Our UPPAbaby VISTA review is officially here! I’ve had the best time using the VISTA in our everyday life. Whether it be at a park, jumping on the Skytrain, or at the mall, I could always count our UPPAbaby VISTA. Time to get a little personal. If I’m being honest here, I never thought I’d be the mom with two children so close in age! Heck, I never even thought I’d have a second or  ...

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Day Out With Thomas the Tank Engine | Flash Giveaway

Hey mamas & (dads) If you have a child(ren) who are obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine aka Thomas the Train, then this ones for you!! Treat them out to a super exciting day out with Thomas and his friends. You won’t have to venture far and your children will love you for it. Ok, they will love you even MORE for it. Thomas the Tank Engine Here’s what you’ll need to know: Hosted by West Coast Railway Heritage Park in  ...

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Ten Reasons Why You’re THAT Mom Who Needs a Spa Day | Spa Utopia Giveaway

Have you ever wanted a day just to yourself? A day were you can sit back, relax  and  enjoy the silence? Imagine a day without your hubby, your kids and what’s that…no Paw Patrol? Well, Spa Utopia offers you the opportunity for exactly that and more. Once you step into Spa Utopia Vancouver, which is located at the Pan Pacific Hotel, you will be greeted with a smile, signed in and chauffeured into the  ...

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Cinco de Mayo Party | Fun Fiesta Sangria

How is it May already ?! (Don’t answer that question, I know how the calendar works :P). With May literally around the corner, I think it’s time to say goodbye to Winter and finally welcome the sunshine with open arms. This Cinco de Mayo party will having you saying yaasss girl to the sun and waving bye to winter! Cinco de Mayo Party Myself, Janette from Ava to Zoe, and Kat from Our Happy Place, put our heads together for this  ...

For The Mamas

Always Choose Kindness | Pink Shirt Day #METMakeNice

Do you remember the last time you choose kindness over hate ? I do. People tend to recognize my social media presence to be kind, loving and real. But the truth is, I wasn’t always the type of person to look at the glass half full over half empty. Actually, I’ve been both the bully, as well as, the bullied. As a teenager, I wasn’t the happiest. After I had Jayden, I lost many “friends” and had to do grow pretty  ...

For The Babes

The Sweetest Valentines Day Party for Kids & So Many DIYs

oh Valentines Day, every year you sneak up on me and routinely, I’m never prepared for you.  This time last year, I was rushing around trying to find some easy Valentines DIY crafts and cards for Jayden’s to take to school. Not this year though, I was one step ahead. Myself and 4 other mom & lifestyle  bloggers we able to find some time between our hectic schedules to gather for a super loud, super fun and a celebration which  ...

For The Mamas

A Few Things You Should Know About Bulletproof Coffee

Getting through the snowy days this winter wouldn’t be the same without my new Bulletproof Coffee! I’m on a fourteen day staycation and lets just say that the first day didn’t go as planned. With the  abundance of snow out here in the west coast and the kids being on a holiday vacation from it school, it seems like I’ll be reaching for my coffee mug a lot more. I wasn’t a huge fan of coffee until five years ago  ...

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Investing In Your Family & Health – How Dyson V8 Helped This Mama With Her Silent Pain

Four weeks ago I was diagnosed with Ulnar Nerve Entrapment. Doctor appointments seemed endless as there were months and months of no solution. I originally thought I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as the symptoms were very familiar. It also causes pain in your right wrist and makes it difficult to type for excessive periods of time. However, after seeing a massage therapist and a chiropractor we finally figured out what was causing me so much  ...

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10 Items You Should Bring On Your Next Yoga Retreat

When I found out that I was heading to Bowen Island with some pretty cool ass babes, Janette from Ava to Zoe,  Kat from The Pampered Baby and Kristy from Kristy Powers Portraits, I was mother than excited. Read all about our experience here: Say No To Stress & Yes to Nectar Yoga BnB. As our trip day came closer, I realized that I wasn’t prepared for it ! Thankfully Janette thought about every single detail and managed to get each  ...

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How Vintage Meets Modern With Carolily Finery

When I think about all the trends I’ve tried over the past decade, I just laugh. One thing I know for sure, is that each trend that I’ve tried, I’ve learned what to do and what not to do. My fashion sense has matured since having my babies, though I don’t wear as many rings, accessorizing has always been the what made my outfits. Whether it be rings, necklaces, bracelets, you name it, each individual piece brings  ...