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For The Babes

Day Out With Thomas the Tank Engine | Flash Giveaway

Hey mamas & (dads) If you have a child(ren) who are obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine aka Thomas the Train, then this ones for you!! Treat them out to a super exciting day out with Thomas and his friends. You won’t have to venture far and your children will love you for it. Ok, they will love you even MORE for it. Thomas the Tank Engine Here’s what you’ll need to know: Hosted by West Coast Railway Heritage Park in  ...

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Cinco de Mayo Party | Fun Fiesta Sangria

How is it May already ?! (Don’t answer that question, I know how the calendar works :P). With May literally around the corner, I think it’s time to say goodbye to Winter and finally welcome the sunshine with open arms. This Cinco de Mayo party will having you saying yaasss girl to the sun and waving bye to winter! Cinco de Mayo Party Myself, Janette from Ava to Zoe, and Kat from Our Happy Place, put our heads together for this  ...

For The Babes

The Sweetest Valentines Day Party for Kids & So Many DIYs

oh Valentines Day, every year you sneak up on me and routinely, I’m never prepared for you.  This time last year, I was rushing around trying to find some easy Valentines DIY crafts and cards for Jayden’s to take to school. Not this year though, I was one step ahead. Myself and 4 other mom & lifestyle  bloggers we able to find some time between our hectic schedules to gather for a super loud, super fun and a celebration which  ...

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Apollo Moc, The Perfect Toddler Shoe !

Hey Mamas, Can we talk about how difficult it is to find the perfect toddler shoe?! I actually prefer velcro over lace up shoes, especially when it comes to Abel. We have an active, healthy, 19 month year old boy who keeps us on our toes..literally. We were on the hunt for the perfect toddler shoe to go along with our perfect toddler and I think we found them! Here are 5 Reasons Why We love Our Apollo Mocs from Native Shoes: Easy to put on  ...

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Learn How To Count & Recognize Colours With The Paper Carousel Review & Giveaway !

We received free products from The Paper Carousel in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Please read my Disclaimer Page for more information. As many of you know, I am a huge supporter of “small shops”. I would rather support a mama who is hustling to provide for her family, by giving her customers with quality handmade goods, over some huge corporation. There is something special knowing that your purchase,  ...

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To iPad or not to iPad that is the question, Kidloland Nursery Rhyme App review & Giveaway !

You would think, being a “millennial” and “young” mama, that I….out of all people would be open to including more technology into our daily lives. But, If I am being honest, I have been totally against it. I don’t download games on my iPhone or my iPad, except in 2013 when I was obsessed with Candy Crush, sorry for all the Facebook life requests! After I reached the highest level I could, without paying  ...

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Lily Jade, Diaper Bag For the Modern Mama & Giveaway !

We received our Lily Jade Diaper Bag in exchange for an honest review. As always ,all opinions are my own. Please read my Disclaimer Page for more information. Remember the little teaser I did last week on my Instagram ? How about the quick mention on my  Why You Need These Items In Your Life post? Well, it’s finally here… I am so thrilled to be sharing more about Lily Jade, Diaper bag for the Modern Mama! I first  ...

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Capture Your Children’s Attention with Lookie Lookies

Hey Y’all! Thank you for all the love and amazing feedback on my One Year Blog Anniversary post! This next collaboration has been in the works for a couple months and life just got WAY to hectic. My review is finally here !! I was sent items from Lookie Lookies in exchange for an honest review, please read my Disclaimer page for further information. All opinions are my own. So let me start by asking, how many of you mama’s (or  ...

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Childhood Illnesses: The Ones To Watch Out For

Toddlers’ and young children’s bodies are continually growing and developing. Their immune system is constantly getting stronger as well. In their early years, when their immune system isn’t at its best, children can suffer from a variety of illnesses. Most are easily treated and shouldn’t cause too much worry. However, some can be more serious. Here are the five to watch out for. Image: Pexels Impetigo Impetigo is a very contagious illness  ...

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Handmade Scented Playdough by Z-dough Review & Giveaway

Hi Everyone, Today, I am sharing my thoughts on Z-dough‘s Handmade scented Play dough ! I was sent items from Z-Dough in exchange for an honest review, please read my Disclaimer page for further information. As always, all opinions are my own. I got to be honest here, I hated Play-Dough, I mean its messy, it gets everywhere and your kids always try to eat it! After a bad experience with Play dough, I vowed to never buy Play Dough for  ...