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Kids’ Candor Bilingual & Educational Subscription Box Review

HOLA ! Today, I am excited to be sharing my thoughts on the Kids’ Candor Bilingual & Educational Subscription Box. I was sent a subscription box from Kids’ Candor in exchange for an honest review, please read my Disclaimer page for further information. All opinions are my own. You probably already figured out by my last name [Lopez] that I am from a Hispanic background. I was born in Santa Barbara, Guatemala. Say WORD?! Yes  ...

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5 Unique Ideas For Decorating The Kids Room

It can be difficult to know exactly what your kids want, especially if they’re at a young age! They may not even be able to communicate it to you. But, if there’s one thing that most children have in common, it’s that they love to feel unique. This in mind, it’s a good idea to decorate their bedroom accordingly. Whether they’re a boy or a girl, 10 years old or 6 years old, there are a lot of unique, exciting ideas out there. Here are 5  ...

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Little Abstract Review & Giveaway

Since starting my blog I’ve have been able to work with some amazing companies that were geared towards babies and toddlers. However, this year, I told myself that I would collaborate with companies that catered to older children. Why? Simply put, I want to include Jayden. It seems that a majority of businesses focus a lot on littles and not the bigger littles (like Jay). Jayden is at that age where he is transitioning out of that baby  ...

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Transition to food with Re-play Recycled & Giveaway

Re-play Recycled sent us such a beautiful Sky blue feeding set for Abel and I to review! [Please read my Disclaimer page for more information] ! Around 6 months, I started to include breakfast, lunch, and dinner to Abel’s eating regimin. Before then he was receiving all his nourishment from me. I quickly found out that Abel was not a fan of  Purée food. So I started Baby Led Weaning. Baby Led Weaning, quite simply, means letting your  ...

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Lumberjack Themed Birthday Party !!

I can’t believe that we just celebrated Abel’s first birthday just a couple weeks ago! The month of December was extremely busy for our family. Not only did we have to think about Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years, we also had to think about Abel’s first birthday! If you’re wondering, Abel was born on his due date of December 27, 2014. Knowing that our guests would  have christmas parties to attend, we sent out  ...

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Meet & Greet with Templeton Silver!

Hey loves! Today, I am featuring one of my favourite shops that I’ve followed on Instagram and admired dearly, Templeton Silver ! I have been able to see this shop grow via social media and I am sooo excited that I have teamed up with Nikki Wood to giveaway some awesome Pacifier clips [that can dual into a gorgeous bracelets for mama – see photos below] !   With all the giveaway madness, I wanted to slow down a bit.  I  ...

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Shopglitterspice Giveaway !

Oh my goodness you guys ! WE DID IT! This is my last giveaway [insert shocked emoticon]!! When I started this giveaway series, I had NO idea what I was getting myself into. Making time to post twice a day was such a challenge! BUT, I didn’t want to disappoint anyone so here I am on Day 11! I missed a day because I was seriously swamped ! Nevertheless, I was able to get all the giveaways published and announced within 11 days so I think  ...

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Cutie Pie Boutique Giveaway!

Although, I am a mother to not one, but two boys, I still LOVE girly things! Whenever I get the chance to dress my 4 year old niece, I’m all for it! AND when it comes to buying presents for my friends that have girls, I buy them things I would put my little girl in! Which BTW will never happen because I am NEVER having any more kids. Two is enough for me! Stephanie, the owner and creator of www.etsy.com/shop/cutiepieonetsy, is giving  ...

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Island and Castles Giveaway !

Hey Everyone! I only posted one giveaway late last night since I had do actually “Raise Jay and Abel :P”! So I will continue to post two giveaways today and tomorrow. On Thursday, I will announce the final giveaway ! This next shop is yet again, another local Vancouver business ran by Michelle! She has generously offered to giveaway a $25 shop credit to www.islandandcastles.com !  Entering is super easy! Just scroll down and  ...

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Modern Baby Giveaway!

Alright so back to the kiddos!! Can you believe that we are already on to shop 14!? Wooo!!! Today, Dana from www.modernbaby.co, is giving away one of their organic hipster beanie! All items are handmade in Victoria, BC [switching it up a bit! :P]. After reading their “About me” on their Facebook page, I found out that Modern Baby is also run by a mother and daughter team! I seriously should convince my mom to go into business  ...