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Nuna ZAAZ High Chair Review | A High Chair For Every Stage

We’ve been using the Nuna ZAAZ High Chair for about 10 months now. With that amount of time, I’ve been able to use the Nuna ZAAZ between two children. With more than one child using it, I definitely saw (and still see) the benefits of having a high chair that evolves as years go on. Similar: Buckle Up Baby | Nuna Pipa Review Nuna ZAAZ  High Chair Review When it comes to the Nuna ZAAZ high chair, the feature that really sold me on  ...

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Valentines Day Photo Session | Mother & Son Photo Ideas

White backdrops aren’t usually my thing. BUT,  I do love the way that this particular session was styled. The florals and adorable props really made the perfect setting for our valentines day photo session! Valentines Day Photo Session I’m keeping this post short and sweet because I know you’re all here just for the photos. So without further adieu. Here are our Valentines Day Photos. Photos by: Sasha Blaney Photography  ...


Worry Less with This Parent Approved App | TELUS #BabyHealthApp

Three kids, one mom brain. I’m bound to forget something important right?! Thankfully, the new (and free) TELUS Baby Health app has me covered when it comes to the boys’ health. No more forgetting the little immunization book they give out at the hospital! With the TELUS Baby Health app, you can create a digitized personal health record that keeps track of your children’s health and developmental milestones from birth.  ...


How To Introduce Water To Your Baby | #ForBetterBeginnings #Playtexmom

It’s true what they say, babies grow up so fast! Now that Isaiah has officially turned 6 months old (seriously, where has the time gone!), I’ve started giving him a bit of water when he’s thirsty. Giving him a few sips of water (no more than 2 ounces every 24 hours) is safe. Not only does it give me a break from the constant breastfeeding but it also helps him quench his thirst. Growing up has many stages and Playtex Baby™  ...


The One Step Baby Food Maker by Baby Brezza | Review

Something I’m excited about is for Isaiah to start eating solids! For now, I will enjoy his toothless grin while he adventures into tasting new food. With The One Step Baby Food Maker by Baby Brezza, you can have healthy, homemade baby food on your table in just minutes. But wait, there’s more. Review of the One Step Baby Food Maker by Baby Brezza Contrary to the name, Baby Brezza can be used for so much more than making  ...


Snowshoe Tour & Fondue Date Night at Cypress Mountain

A couple nights ago, I was able to check something off my bucket list! I went snowshoeing at Cypress mountain 😀 Something I really want to focus on this year is enjoying the moments and living life to the fullest. Life is too short to stay in the safe zone 24/7. Though some may think “Snowshoeing is no big deal!”. Well for me it is. Snowshoe Tour at Cypress Mountain I wouldn’t call myself “outdoorsy” but I do  ...

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2017 Year in Review & Reader Survey

Where do I start? 2017 Year in review As the New Year draws closer, I’m so thankful for all the growth I’ve had in both my personal and business life. At the beginning of this year, I made it a point to put my head down and get shit done! This year has been absolutely incredible. It has brought me so many great memories. From announcing my pregnancy to going into early labour with Isaiah. To making new friends, strengthening my  ...


Gifts For the Last Minute Holiday Shopper | Schick Holiday Gift Packs #SchickAmbassador

There are 10 days until Christmas morning and yup, I still haven’t started Christmas shopping. But I’m not worried because everyone on my list is receiving a  holiday gift pack from Schick Intuition. Don’t worry, the kids are getting something different 😛 Similar: Get Holiday Ready With Schick QuattroYOU What’s in the Schick Holiday Gift Packs Let’s get down to it. There are three different sets available for  ...

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One for All Stroller | UPPAbaby VISTA Review

Well, you asked and I answered. Our UPPAbaby VISTA review is officially here! I’ve had the best time using the VISTA in our everyday life. Whether it be at a park, jumping on the Skytrain, or at the mall, I could always count our UPPAbaby VISTA. Time to get a little personal. If I’m being honest here, I never thought I’d be the mom with two children so close in age! Heck, I never even thought I’d have a second or  ...


From Soup Kitchens to Sit Down Dinners | the Keg Steakhouse + Bar

Getting together with friends and family is one of the best parts of the holiday season especially at the Keg Steakhouse + Bar. For some, the holiday season is a gentle reminder of gratitude, hope, and perseverance. The woman who you see in these photos is much stronger then the weak little girl she used to be. How we do Christmas With each and every Christmas that our family celebrates, I’m always brought back to this place of  ...