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7 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Pumpkin Patch Visit

Fall is here, and what does that mean? It means that we’re waving goodbye to long summer nights and saying hello to changing leaves, crispy weather and layers. With Fall comes outings and we’ve already crossed a few off our lists, like our yearly visit to the pumpkin patch. The best kind of pumpkin patches are the ones that have tons of activities for the kids. For example, farm animals, corn mazes, sunflowers, tractor rides and  ...

Motherhood, Our Life in Photos

Our Gender Reveal!

It’s a boy, it’s a boy ! Smoke Bomb Gender Reveal We are sooooo excited to be adding another boy to our family!!! With the help of some blue smoke bombs, we revealed the gender to the boys during the photoshoot. Let’s just say that it wasn’t what they expected. If I’m being 100% honest, I’m relieved. Finding out the gender of the baby was extremely nerve wracking. We felt a lot of pressure to add a baby  ...

Motherhood, Our Life in Photos

To The Overworked Mother, I See You & You’re Not Alone

This post wasn’t planned and I actually just decided to pull out the laptop and write, from the heart, because at this very moment, I need to explain my own thoughts to myself. You will often see me smiling and laughing on my Instagram photos, but if you watch my stories, you see me, make up free, hair in a bun, pregnant mama who 99.9% of the time keeps it real. To The Overworked Mother, I See You & You’re Not Alone Being a  ...

Motherhood, Our Life in Photos

A Special Announcement!

Yes! You guessed it! Our Special Announcement is that we are expecting baby number three 🙂 Our family is so excited but nervous to be going from a family of four to a family of five! Thats five mouths, five bodies, five people to look after. I never thought I would be a mama to three children. In fact, after Abel, I swore that he was the last one. I even wrote a post about it,  Please don’t ask If I want another baby. Well, God has a  ...

Motherhood, Our Life in Photos

The Beauty of Young Motherhood

” Mothers & daughters are closest, when daughters become mothers” When I created my blog, all I wanted was to share my personal Teen Mom story, but the truth is, I’m not the only Teen Mom in my family. There are three of us. Myself, My sister, and my incredibly strong mother. After finding out I was pregnant with Jayden, I hid it from my mom for two weeks before my sister spilled the beans. To be honest, I feared her  ...

Our Life in Photos

All The Heart Eyes For Our Christmas Photos!

Keeping it short and sweet with the introduction to our very first Christmas photos. They have been a long time coming and after two years, we finally did it! If you’re interested in getting your photos turned into  Christmas cards make sure to head to Cards Direct right now. Subscribe to their mailing list for 15% off 🙂 I hope you enjoy <3   Photography: Erin Fraser Photography

Our Life in Photos

Surviving Parenthood- The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

We’ve all been there, the moment you realize that you’ve been entrusted to raise the next generation. {insert freak out emoji here}. Whether or not you believe that you’re ready to become a parent, most of us end up with days were we just had enough and need to throw in the towel. We are all surviving parenthood. The Truth I know theres many parents that LOVE every aspect of parenting, whether it be a poopie diaper, a  ...

Motherhood, Our Life in Photos

Meet The Children Behind Our Teen Pregnancies

Hello Hello Hello to all, I’ve heard it time and time again, how “Teen Mothers” don’t make great moms. Who knows, maybe thats true, I’m not here to convince you if we are or not. What I do know for sure though, is that my sister and I (who were both Teen Moms) are raising amazing children. And if that doesn’t say anything about our age and our abilities as mothers then I don’t know what does and to  ...

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First Annual Mama & Baby Picnic 2016 #Vancityladyboss !

Have you ever met someone and thought “yes, I like her vibe, I need to be her friend”?! Well thats pretty much what happened to us three ! Finding out that we all lived in Metro Vancouver, that we all had similar goals and dreams, our friendship was instant! I found out that Amanda was in the legal field (like me) and that Genicca had a daughter close to Abel’s age made me connect to these #girlbosses on personal levels  ...

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How Our Love Grew Part 1 Ft. Sanuk Footwear & Daniel Wellington

Hello my loves!! I am constantly getting asked to share some more personal things about moi and my little family and before you comment “you forgot about Jay!” let me just tell you that our FULL family feature is coming soon!! For now I am focusing on Miguel, Abel, and I. Continue reading if you want to know how our love grew over time! Not many people know this but Miguel and I “officially” met in February 2007, when  ...