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Yummy Mummy Secrets You Need To Know

  We all know a yummy mummy. They always look perfect; they have gorgeous kids, and they always seem to have got the balance between work and home life just right. Whenever I see a beautiful yummy mummy, I’m left feeling slightly envious! But there is one way to completely silence that green-eyed monster – become a yummy mummy yourself! It isn’t difficult at all. All you need to do is tweak your life in a few areas. Not only will it  ...

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4 Reasons Why Orlando is the Perfect Family Vacation Destination

When you have young children, you often think about vacations that will suit the whole family. City breaks can be done, but they aren’t as fun with kids. They don’t want to look around all of the museums and galleries. Plus, there can be a lot of walking or pushing a stroller. Little feet get exhausted and then it is no fun for anyone. One perfect vacation destination, which has something for all of the family, is Orlando, Florida. There are  ...

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How To Include The Kids In A Proposal Of Marriage

If you’ve been with your partner a long time, you may be ready to formally tie the knot. And if you have children, it can be incredibly touching to include them in your plans. Whether you share the kids, or they come as a package deal, it’s important they accept this new shift in your relationship. So get them involved so you can all work together to solidify your relationship. Rings First of all, you may want to choose an engagement ring.  ...


Please Don’t Ask Me If I Want Another Baby

Thank you The Lily James Collection & thelilyjamescollection.com for making this post possible. So you did it, you accomplished pregnancy, you endured the hardships of labor, and now you have to make sure that this new life, that you brought into the world, is finding nourishment all while being sleep deprived and sore. Then someone innocently asks you “Wanna have another?” SAY WHAAAA? Heck no, Heck no, Heck no !  This was me  ...

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10 Fun Activities For You And Your Kids To Enjoy This Summer

[Image] Summer is looming, and in a few months kids will break up for the holidays. If you’re wondering how to keep them occupied for several weeks, check out our fun summer activities. Sports Day Create your own family sports day and invite family and friends. Set up various games and races. Favourites include egg and spoon, obstacle courses and the three-legged race. Make sure the adults join in too.  Offer an incentive with a prize for  ...


Confessions of an Exhausted Mommy

If you have been following my series of unfortunate on my Facebook, you will know that I’ve had a rough few days. Heck, I have had a rough few months. I went back to my office job on January 11 and boy has it been a emotional rollercoaster ever since. I thought I was prepared and that I had all the energy in the world to welcome this new chapter in my life. Boy, was I wrong. No one tells you how hard it is going to be… I guess  ...

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Keeping Organized When You Have Kids

Keeping organised was tricky when it was just you. Now you’ve got kids; it’s even harder. Despite these additions, there are ways to stay organised. You’ll find a handful of ideas and suggestions below. Create a family timetable Making a timetable with a column for every family member has lots of benefits. You don’t need to buy one; make your own on the computer and laminate it. This means you can write on it with a non-permanent marker pen  ...

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Planning A Birthday Party? Here’s Your Ultimate Checklist

If your birthday is coming up, you’ll probably be thinking about planning a party. Birthday parties are a great way to get all your friends and family together for a good time. You’ll be able to catch up with those you hardly ever see and the whole event can be like a reunion for you and your close ones. Not only that, though, but it’s an excellent way to celebrate you turning another year older. Older, wiser and more fabulous of course! To  ...

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Incredible Places You Must Visit In America

America is a vast nation that extends over much of the North American continent. It is a truly enormous place, flanked on either side by great cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. But within this great country are many natural and manmade wonders that make the States an excellent travel destination. So what’s to see? Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone National Park is the reason preppers all over the US are stockpiling  ...

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The One Skincare Routine Every Woman Should Follow

Our skin is very important to us. Not only is it the first line of defence the body has against germs and bacteria, but its appearance also has an effect on how we feel about ourselves. So it is very important that each woman has their own tried and tested skin care routine. Taking care of your skin will help you feel more confident in it! Don’t worry if you don’t have time to figure out what products are best for your skin. Here’s an  ...